StaffTRAK HR Dashboard: HR Database and Dashboard

Manage Your Employee Data Easily with This Downloadable, Excel Based HR Database and Dashboard.

If you have a small business of up to 50 employees, you can use this smart Excel template — loaded with time saving macros and formulas — to manage staff information and report on HR Key Performance Indicators.  It will give you an up-to-date view of your employee performance, attendance levels, average tenure and many other KPIs. 

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Loaded with time-saving macros

  • Track all employees also

  • Data-packed Digital dashboard

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Professionals You Need to Team Up With for a Successful Business

When you set up your own business, it can be easy to get territorial over your brand. It’s not surprising. You’ve put so much effort into setting up your brilliant concept that you feel like you want to have full control over every aspect of its development. But to be as successful as possible, you need to accept that others may have better knowledge of certain areas and can help to make your business to gain an even better reputation and turn over more profit. While you will remain in control, making all of the executive decisions, it’s always handy to have a little help along the way. Here are some professionals that you should team up with to benefit your business.

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Is this the end for the red traffic light?

By BidgeeOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

It would be the dream of many drivers to be able to get from A to B without ever needing to worry about getting stuck at traffic lights.

This fantasy could soon become a reality, thanks to an initiative by Ford and Jaguar Land Rover entitled the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory. Join vehicle hire specialist Northgate as they delve into what this project entails and whether it really means the end for the dreaded red traffic light.

What is the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory?

The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory will see a roadside unit built alongside a set of traffic lights. Information about the timings of the corresponding traffic light timings will be sent to a connected vehicle that’s approaching the lights. Once received, the driver will be told of the optimal speed that they need to travel in order to stand the best chance of passing through a green light.

If there is no way to avoid a red light, drivers will still receive a helping hand from the system as it will display just how long they will need to wait until the traffic lights turn green again. Continue reading

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The Successful Artist: How To Start a Creative Career Without Any Experience

To embark on a creative career is a risky business, everybody knows that – or rather, everybody says that. The notion of a struggling artist is something that seems to come with the job; you simply haven’t known art if you haven’t been hungry, broke, and in deep misery with your own life decisions. It might not be too odd, after all, that young creatives are advised against a career as an artist – and so much potential has gone to waste.


When you’ve already started to sprout it can be hard to stop, however, and many people wonder how they can start out with no relevant experience. They wonder if it might not be more to life than their current jobs, and they see themselves as it could have been; with a pencil brush rather than the coffee cup at an office desk.

Listen to the advice from experienced artists, rather. Here is a handful of their best advice to motivate you to take the leap – and to find that inspiration you need. Continue reading

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