Top 4 Free or Affordable On-line Suggestion Box Software Apps for Small Business

Suggestions boxes are not dead. They are a great HR or small business tool to encourage staff to generate ideas that could lead to innovations that could save your business thousands or in some case millions of pounds/dollars. I have provided 4 examples of business innovations that generated huge revenues or savings and which came from a suggestion box.

  1. The Post-It, the world renowned sticky adhesive paper was a suggestion box idea from an employee at 3M and it is now the flagship product in their $3 Billion annual revenue portfolio.
  2. An employee at Publishing company Boardroom Inc came up with the idea to marginally reduce the book size so they could be posted at a lower rate, saving the company hundred of thousands of dollars a year.
  3. BA launched a suggestion box scheme to help reduce emissions and reduce fuel costs and an employee came up with an idea to save  fuel by reducing weight through de-scaling its toilet pipes, saving them £600,000 on fuel a year.
  4. The idea of free shipping at Amazon coame from an employee suggestion box idea and this quickly developed into the Prime Program which increase a customers purchase by 150%.

So, if you are interested in launching a suggestion box in your business, you might be interested in the 4 free on-line suggestion box tools that I have listed below.

Top 4 Free or Affordable Online Suggestion Box Software Applications for Small Business

1.Freshdesk. This is a market leading customer support software tool which comes with a powerful in-built suggestion box, (which exists as part of the community forum apps). Using this tool you can quickly configure and deploy a fully branded suggestion box that allows your customers to talk to each other, suggest ideas to improve your product, and vote on existing suggestions. There is a free version of this tool that allows you to have up to 3 agents and there are premium versions starting at $16 per agent per month.

2.WebEngage. This is an excellent completely free suggestion box that enables you to quickly collect customer feedback and insights and employee suggestions should you wish to use it that way. The system allows you to quickly prepare feedback surveys and enables you to do geo-targeting and much more. It includes powerful reporting and analytics as you would imagine. There is a completely free entry level system and there are paid systems that come with a 14 day free trial and so worth a try.  Click here to try it out today.

3.Agile CRM This CRM tool is free for up to 10 users. It is powerful online marketing automation software tool, including an online suggestion box in the form of its Web Engagement feature. Fee paying packages start at $8.99 a month rising to $47.99 a month for enterprises.

4.Suggestion Box. An anonymous and free suggestion box which makes it easy to get truly candid feedback. 100% web-based and completely private. Nothing to install. 15 seconds to set up.

5.Ideascale. This is an enterprise level but free on-line suggestion box, but they do have a free suggestions box which you can customize to suit your company, which works on mobiles and which you can moderate.

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