Top 4 Free or Affordable Time & Attendance Tracking Tools for Small Business

Join over 5 million people who use FreshBooks (animated)As a start-up or small business with smaller numbers of staff, meaning that many of your staff may be the client’s only point of contact within your organization, you will always be faced with the challenge of offering service continuity with clients, because, your staff can’t be there all the time. In fact,  they may be taking anything from 10 to 30 days holiday (depending on your country and policies) as well as around 10 bank holidays depending on your country.

As well as this they may have sick days, dentists appointments, maternity leave or a need to work flexibly. Therefore in order to ensure business continuity you need to have an attendance management system which enables you to easily track staff hours and absences which employees can easily update and which managers can approve.As well as this, staff and managers should be able to view employee attendance/absence by team, by month or even by client.

This means that employees and managers can more effectively coordinate employee attendance, absence and cover providing maximum service continuity to clients. Here are my Top 5  Free Employee Attendance Tracking Tools for Small Business

1.Zoho People Time TrackerThis tool is free for up to 5 users and 10 employees and so perfect for start-ups and small business. This time tracker is an enhanced module of the well known Zoho People HR software system.  Zoho People Time Tracker hich is both web and mobile accessible and allows managers to quickly set up jobs and workers to log time and activity via their PC or mobile wherever they are. corporate leave tracker. This is an attendance management tool and corporate leave tracking system. It automates the leave tracking process and allows users to request, modify, approve and reject holiday all within the system. You can create unlimited amounts of custom leave types including: sickness, holiday, business trip etc… There’s a powerful graphic user interface so managers and staff can view team leave to help planning. This is a HR software system which like all best-of-breed HR systems contains a fully featured holiday and absence management module, which is just as powerful as the other standalone systems on this page. At £1 per employee per month, it’s great value for money.

4. Free Timesheet from Actitime. This is a completely free time and attendance tracking which is great for small businesses and start-ups. It includes a paid time off tracking system for tracking holidays and vacations and it includes a time sheet for tracking work. It also includes an invoicing and billing system and excellent reporting capacities.

5.Tracksmart Attendance and Time Tracking software . This is a powerful attendance management software tool which is great for tracking staff holidays. It has a slick, simple and highly intuitive user interface. This has calendars so you can track absences and it also has a timeclock/timesheets systems for tracking hours worked. Prices start at $22.00 a month. Get 30% off when you follow this link: Attendance Tracking Software at

6.Xero This is a high powered payroll and accounting tool for the UK market, which includes an inbuilt time sheet. As well as a time sheet  payroll system it comes with: online accounting, VAT processing, invoicing, bank reconciliation, payroll, quotes, inventory and expense claims. This is a great tool for accountants and book-keepers. It comes with a free trial with prices starting at £7.50 a month for up to 200 employees on payroll. You’ll have to pay more for unlimited invoices and bank reconciliations. This is a great tool which you can try for free 30 days. Xero for UK Startups

7.Staff Rota Excel Template. Manage Your Next Staff Rota Efficiently and Easily with This Downloadable Staff Rota Template. It is still highly automated and calculates total hours, total pay and deducts breaks for you, saving you time and effort. This is the cost effective but highly effective option which is suitable for micro-businesses up to about 30 employees. It has a one time cost of £4.99. Bigger companies will definitely need the options below.

If you are micro-business or perhaps 1 to 30 employees you might prefer to use our simple, downloadable staff rota excel template, and I have included details below.

Get a Sickness and Absence Policy Here! If you are looking to manage your staff’s sickness and attendance you’ll also  need a good quality Sickness and Absence Policy which you can buy here.





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