Top 4 Free or Affordable Payroll Software Systems for Small Business (UK)

Many small businesses leaders choose to outsource their payroll provision to an accountant or to a payroll provider. It can be both cost effective and practical, however, small business owners who are especially financially minded and who perhaps operate a micro business may prefer to do payroll themselves, and the best way to do this is to use an RTI compliant payroll system. There are a range of free or very affordable RTI compliant payroll packages on the market and we have listed some of the most prominent ones below. This is an RTI compliant, fully internet based payroll system which can be used over the web 24 X 7 and enable you to  pay in line with HMRC requirements. E-filing of payroll returns is straightforward with this software. All the statutory returns and notices, including P14, P35, P45, P46, P6, P9, SL1, P11D, P11D(b) etc., are inbuilt and auto-compiled. This product is completely free for micro firms with less than 10 employees, and is £3 per head for employers with 10 staff or more.

2.Payroll Basics. This is another RTI compliant payroll software tool which is free for businesses with up to 10 employees. It will automatically calculate PAYE, NI and all statutory payments for less than 10 employees . You are able to print payslips for free for 30 days or IRIS Open Payslips or secure electronic payslips.

3.12Pay Express Edition. This is another RIT compliant and free payroll software system for up to 10 employees. This will complete all the necessary pay calculations and handles all of your HMRC filing requirements.

4.Intuit. This is another free payroll software system, although there is a catch in that you have to buy Intuit’s Qucikbook’s online. Yes, as part of using Quickbooks online you will have access to PaySuite, their RTI payroll compliant software tool. Its is free for up to five employees and is £1.00 per employee per month, for employers with 6 or more employees.

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