5 Mobile Recruiting Apps You Should be Using

Technology has been transforming the HR process for many years now. Over the past two decades we have seen a wave of technological innovation sweeping across the HR landscape, which is empowering HR professionals to work in ways that they never could before. These technological innovations included internet jobs boards, cloud computing/web based HR systems, social recruitment, and, just in case, you were getting bored with these, a new disruptive technology is set to announce itself on the HR stage.

This is mobile recruiting technology, which are recruiting apps which you install on your phone that can help you perform certain aspects of the recruiting process.

This new wave of recruiting technologies has just broke on the shores of America, (actually it originated largely from Silicon Valley). In September of last year San Francisco held the inaugural Annual Mobile Recruiting Conference and it was attended by big players such as Monster and Careerbuilder. Despite this, even US recruiters are playing catchup as figures show that while almost 70% of jobseekers would love to use their mobile phone for job and career search purposes, a mere 3% of employers are using mobile recruiting apps.

Well, as the old saying goes, what is popular in the US, will soon be popular in the UK (barring Private Health Services of course!), so mobile recruiting is set to hit the shores of the UK imminently. And so I thought it would be useful to give you a run down of some of the leading mobile recruiting apps on the market today and to explain how you might be able to use them.

1.) HireVue

This Iphone app has received a lot of good coverage in the marketplace. It allows you to prepare standardized interview questions and then send them to candidates, who can record a video response via their Iphone, at their own convenience. You are able to then watch the video at your own convenience from your mobile or from a PC. You can rate and share the candidates data with other managers via your phone.

2.)  Jobscience

This Iphone app is also being warmly received by US recruiters. It brings applicant tracking technology right into the palm of your hand. Candidates can be invited to submit their CVs to your applicant tracking system (cloud based), from your phone or PC and you can search your candidate database from your mobile phone, using powerful CV parsing technology.

3. Tungle

This is a simple but powerful app which can be used for quick and efficient interview scheduling between recruiter and candidate using their mobile phones. Its easy; recruiter sends candidate interview invite, and candidate accepts and both calendars are automatically updated. It  works with all the main mobile OS calendars.

4. Google Power search

This is my personal favourite. Why bother paying to access commercial CV databases when you can search the google database, (maybe the largest candidate database in the world?), for individuals who have voluntarily posted their CVs on-line for career advancement purposes? This is what I do all the time to find new recruits, however, it can be cumbersome as you have to use complex boolean strings to do more sophisticated searches. Google Power Search Utility is a mobile phone app with a simple interface, making it incredibly easy for you to search the google database for CVs.

5. Job Speek

You can use this app to create job listings and then post them automatically to the top job search engines like Simplyhired and Juju. You are also able to add a 60 second hiring message  to your job posting.


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