Quick and Simple Quarterly Performance Appraisal Form for Small Business

“Only 13% of managers and employees and 6% of CEOs thought their year-end reviews were effective”. Leadership IQ

There has to be a better way. Try our Quick and Simple Quarterly Appraisal Form

Why  Buy The Quick and Simple Quarterly Appraisal Form? (Word  Format)

  • Improves performance, firms that do quarterly appraisals deliver 31% greater investment returns. Source: Bersin by Deloitte.
  • Uses motivational constuctive feedback formatrather than a crude performance rating system which demotivates staff.
  • Focussed around self-evaluation, which research shows that employees find more motivational.
  • One Page Form, for ease and speed of use, perfect for the time pressurized small business manager.
  • Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, email Kazim on:kl@thecareercafe.co.uk, within 7 days of purchase, explaining why you are unhappy,  and I will refund your money, no quibbles. This is risk free.
  • Download straight after purchase. You’ll be automatically directed to the download page after purchase. No delays. It’s instant.
  • Secure Payments With Selz.comusing a credit card.

To download/purchase the Quick and Simple Quarterly Appraisal Form, please click this link or click on the product screenshot below. You will be directed to a page straight after purchase from which you can download the appraisal form.

checkinQuarterly Appraisal Form. (Price: £1.99)

The appraisal system is in word format and contains four replica appraisals forms for February, May,  August and November, enabling you to do quarterly appraisals.

It contains 2 very simple questions that enable employees to self-evaluate in a constructive way, and also has a comments section for managers to provide praise and constructive feedback.

It’s only meant to last 15 to 30 minutes;it’s a check-in.

No scores or performance ratings are given, as this has proven to be confrontational, it’s meant to be a reflective process that encourages honest discussion.

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