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onepageappraisal1.) Performance Appraisal Kit for Small Business. (Price: £14.99) (Bestseller)

“5 Critical  employee performance management tools for just £14.99″

For a company of 5 people, it’ll cost you about £250 a year for performance appraisal software and about £1,000 a year to have a HR consultant run it for you. If you want great performance management, but just don’t have the liquid cash in the early days then my DIY Appraisal system is just for you. For just £14.99 you get the ability to manage your own performance appraisals, using these 5 documents, worth £25 when bought individually. This small business performance appraisal kit includes

1. One page, simple quarterly appraisal form in word format for beginners
2. One page, advanced excel format appraisal form, for advanced managers.
3. Simple Bonus Plan to reward staff who perform well
4. 20 Point Guide To Make Your Staff Love Appraisals Again
5. Probationary Review Period Form

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annualbonus2.) Employee Bonus Plan (Word Format). (Price: £9.99) (Bestseller)

Buy Now This is a bonus plan system document and it includes everything you need to develop and administer a bonus plan for your small business. It is a 5 page word document of 1505 words in length. Some customers who bought this product:
1.EunanMckenna at Love Furniture a furniture retailer.
2.Stephen Piper at, a specialist in logistics
3.Graham Brooks at:, a specialist video system
4.Matthew Sheldrake:, a trade body for electrical retailers
5.Liz Ayling at, management consultants.
6.Brian Wares at, a training agency
7.Fiona Andrews at
8.Alan Mearing at, a food supplier. Click here for more info.


checkin3.Quarterly Appraisal Form. (Price: £1.99)

The appraisal system is in word format and contains four replica appraisals forms for February, May,  August and November, enabling you to do quarterly appraisals.

It contains 2 very simple questions that enable employees to self-evaluate in a constructive way, and also has a comments section for managers to provide praise and constructive feedback.

It’s only meant to last 15 to 30 minutes;it’s a check-in.

No scores or performance ratings are given, as this has proven to be confrontational, it’s meant to be a reflective process that encourages honest discussion.

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probation4.)  Probationary Period Form (Word Format). (Price: £1.99)

Buy Now This is a probationary period form and it includes everything you need to implement a trial period for a new into your business.

It is a 3 page word document of 566 words in length.

It details out a step by step which covers: Click here for more info.




20stepgudieappraisals5:) 20 Point Guide To Make Your Staff Love Appraisals Again. (Price: £1.99)

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What This Product Does: 

I have spent most of my career working as a HR Consultant in small businesses. I understand what it takes to perform effectively in these environments.

 I have built and now present to you an appraisal management guide, specifically suited to a small, but growing business with both new and experienced managers.

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6.) UK Employee Handbook 2016redundancypolicy

Tribunal award costs against a losing employer can be substantially increased if you don’t have and use an employee handbook UK. For just £19.99 you can reduce your risk of  being taken to tribunal and incurring high costs by downloading and using my Employee Handbook 2016.


My Employee handbook 2016 contains containing all the policies you’ll need to ensure you follow legal regulations when managing staff: Annual Leave, Absence Policy, Maternity Policy, Paternity Policy, Shared Parental Leave Policy, Disciplinary Procedure, Grievance Procedure, Workstation Usage Policy, Equality Policy, Data Protection Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Redundancy Policy, Whistle-blowing Policy, Working Time Regulations, Communications.

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