stafftrakholidayManage Your Staff’s Holiday and Leave Easily with This Downloadable, Holiday & Absence Management, Smart Excel System


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  • Tracks vacation, sickness, maternity plus other types of leave
  • Customizable bank holidays so this can be used in any country
  • Time saving excel macros that automate and reduce manual labour
  • Simple Design and Easy Data Entry
  • Monthly and yearly views with automatic and itemized totaling of leave
  • Traffic light warning system for questionable leave patterns that could signal employee disengagement. (Bradford Factor)
  • Printable annual holiday report.


  • Will save you time both entering data and managing absence
  • This is a more affordable alternative to expensive specialist hiring software
  • All within Microsoft Excel.


As soon as you have downloaded your smart excel template you can get started with your holiday leave management. Save a spare copy of the file, just in case you make a mistake in your working file. After the file is opened you will need to “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content” in order to make changes and allow totals to calculate.


There is a sheet titled, “instructions” which tells you how to use the document.

Bank Holidays

Firstly, you’ll need to go in to the ‘Bank Holidays’ sheet above and update it with the bank holidays for your country. The current file has been updated with UK bank holidays for 2017.


Annual Holiday and Leave Allowances

Go the tab, ‘Back End’ and update your annual leave allowances in column M. It is set to 20 days for holiday at the moment, but change in accordance with your own policies, along with the other leave allowances in column ‘M’. Great, you are now set to start recording holiday. If you need to set a specific allowance for an individual to account for things like carried over holiday, days in lieu or a service reward, go into the allowances tab in the document and adjust their allowance accordingly.


Recording Holiday

Click on the Leave Form’ Tab and you’ll be able to enter staff holidays. Enter the name of the person taking holiday, the start date and end date of leave and the type of leave, which is chosen from a select box. The system will calculate the number of working days. You can enter more than one leave record at a time. At the end, just click enter and your leave records will be submitted.


Monthly Analysis

You can view all the leave records for the month by clicking on the monthly analysis tab. You can view alternate months by changing the year or month setting in the top left. This view makes it easy to compare holidays and plan absences.If the box shows red, your staff’s attendance pattern may be causing disruption to your team.

Yearly Analysis 

This view enables you to see the aggregated leave by year for each employee. It also has a Bradford factor traffic light system, to let you know if there are any strange leave patterns. If the box shows red, your staff’s attendance pattern may be causing disruption to your team.


Value for money: 

  • It would cost about £150 to have a VBA developer design this for you business making it very good value, saving you £145 from the outset.
  • For small businesses with about up to about 30 employees, StaffTRAK Holiday and Absence is the cost effective option, saving you £185 a year from the typical, cloud-based holiday and absence software option.

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