StaffTRAK Time: Downloadable Smart Excel Time sheet


Manage Your Staff’s Hours and Pay with This
Downloadable, Smart Excel Timesheet Template

This download-ready Smart Excel Time sheet will suit a smaller company of perhaps 20 or less employees or contractors who might not need software. It’s contains lookups and time-saving features and it’s easy to use, visually attractive and much more affordable than a subscription software based alternative. It’s perfect for small microbusinesses. It also calculates pay. You can start managing hours and pay in no-time. 

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  • Calculates weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay
  • Time saving lookups that automate and reduce manual labour
  • Simple Design and Easy Data Entry
  • Enables users to specify clients and projects
  • Produces itemized, verifiable reports from staff
  • Allows for billable and non-billable work


  • Will save you time both entering data and managing time and pay
  • This is a more affordable alternative to expensive specialist timesheet software
  • All within Microsoft Excel.

As soon as you have downloaded your template you can get started with your time sheet and payroll management. Save a spare copy of the file, just in case you make a mistake in your working file. After the file is opened you will need to “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content” in order to make changes and allow totals to calculate.

Instructions for use.

The document is fairly self-explanatory and instructions are detailed in comments on each sheet. The system contains a week, bi-weekly and monthly time sheet.

Simply email each of your employees or consultants this time sheet template and ask them to submit their itemized hours to you by the submission deadline. The template will calculate their pay based on their hourly rate and it will also required them to breakdown work by client and by billable/non billable work.

Weekly Time sheet – Worksheet

This time sheet is for weekly use and as you can see the employee/contractor can include: hours worked, plus the date, the project worked on, (chosen from a drop down list that you can specify in the last worksheet called ‘Lookup data’.), along with billable and non-billable hours and it’s all calculated for them.


Bi-Weekly  Timesheet – Worksheet

It has all the functionality of the weekly works-sheet but covers a 2 week period, giving your staff and contractors flexibility in when they submit hours.


Monthly Time sheet – Worksheet

It has all the functionality of the weekly works-sheet but covers a monthly period, giving your staff and contractors flexibility in when they submit hours.


Value for money: 

  • It would cost about £100 to have a VBA developer design this for you business making it very good value, saving you £95 from the outset.
  • For small businesses with about up to about 30 employees, StaffTRAK Time is the cost effective option, saving you XX a year from the typical, cloud-based ATS software option.
 Cloud Based Timesheet VS StaffTRAK Time (PRICE COMPARISON)
Timesheet Software Vendor Yearly Price Estimate
ActiTIME £800 a year for  30 staff or more
TrackSmart Timeclock £450 a year for 30 employees
Zoho Time £200 a year for entry level
StaffTRAK Time £15 for unlimited users
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