How engaged are your employees and does it matter?

What is Employee Engagement?

I view employee engagement as the the level of motivation, commitment and focus that an employee shows to their job and in meeting the goals of the business.

In its ‘Creating an Engaged Workforce’ report, the CIPD breaks employee engagement down into ‘3 Components’: 1. Intellectual Engagement, 2. Affective Engagement, 3. Social Engagement.

For them, Intellectual Engagement reflects how much thinking time and effort each employee puts into their job and in to finding ways to do it more effectively. While, Affective Engagement, reflects the level of good feeling encountered by the employee when they perform well. And Social Engagement, reflects their willingness to engage and involve themselves in work related discussions that are focussed on improving the working environment or working practices.

Blessingwhite put forward an interest model of Employee Engagement which is shown below. They suggest that the most engaged employees have maximum levels of ‘job satisfaction’ and in doing their job they are making ‘Maximum Contribution’ to achieving the businesses’ goals.

Engagement Model
Blessing White Model of Engagement 2011

Why is Employee Engagement important?

A recent Gallup survey concluded that businesses with higher employee engagement levels saw a greater growth in earnings per share. More, specifically the survey showed that organizations with ‘above-average-engagement’ not only grew faster, but they showed 18% higher earnings per share than their competitors.

Gallup and other researchers have shown that when employees are engaged they show increased productivity, profitability, customer focus and loyalty.

My employee engagement levels seem fine.

Are they really fine? Blessingwhite’s 2011 Global Survey of Employee Engagement (11,000 workers surveyed) showed that in Europe about 3 in 10 workers are engaged. Are you happy with only having a third of your workforce at optimal engagement levels? Especially when one considers the Gallup survey which shows that in world class organizations, 9 out of 10 employees are engaged and even in average organizations, 6 out of 10 employees are engaged.

How can I work out my employee’s level of engagement?

This can be achieved my conducting an engagement survey tailored to your organization. This would entail your employees complete an online survey which would probe them about their attitudes concerning many aspects of their job, their working environment, pay and benefits, sense of direction and purpose, effectiveness of their line manager, opportunities for development etc..

At the end of this survey a report would be produced which would provide a traffic light analysis of your employee’s satisfaction level with various areas of the business or their job. Green would indicate that this area is OK, amber would suggest room for improvement and red would mean immediate remedial action is needed.

If you would like help, conducting and interpreting an Employee Engagement Survey in your business, then please do contact me.

How can I improve my employee’s level of engagement?

Once you have you results of your employee engagement survey, you should build and implement a corrective action plan which will address all the areas of concern within your business.

Once again, if you would like help in this area, please contact me.

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