10 Innovative Hiring Tactics For When Talent Is In Short Supply

Even the most experience recruiters will fall on hard times, that is talent is in short supply, (it may even feel like a talent drought). It could be that your cost and time to hire is increasing, over- worked staff are creaking under the strain and your CEO is prodding you on the arm and is looking for some ‘creative solutions’. The problem is that during stressful times most of us may have little time or desire to engage in creative ‘out of the box’ thinking even though this may be what is required, we just grit our teeth and drive on.

Therefore, I have done some ‘out of the box thinking’ for you (and combined this will a little research), and developed a simple list of 10 creative hiring approaches than you can fall back on during difficult times when your existing approach to hiring is failing.

1.Approach new hires for referrals

New hires can are likely to be eager to please and will open you up to a new potential network of talent and may still have strong connections with their previous colleagues (beware of any non-solicitation clauses they may have). So, why not try approaching all your new hires and asking them if they can refer any good candidates to your business?

2.Try Referral Cards

Why not try preparing referral cards, which are effectively business cards, but they actually sell your company as a place to work? Give them to your most visible staff, e.g. sales staff who attend conventions etc.. so they can hand them out to any hot employment prospects they meet.

3.Approach your top talent for referrals

Many of you may have a referral scheme, but why not go out and actively approach your top talent and see if they have any good referrals.

4.Almost qualified

Always maintain a list of almost qualified candidates e.g. those that you rejected who were in need of a little more experience. You can then approach them in a year’s time to see if they are now the finished product!

5.How would we find you again?

Approach your top performers and ask them how you would find them if looking for them now, that is, where do they hang out, e.g. forums, Linkedin groups etc….

6.Bring in a policy of optional 1st round video interviewing

Top candidates who are currently in post often find it hard to juggle commitments to attend an interview face to face and may therefore be deterred from applying for jobs. Therefore, why not bring in a policy of 1st round video interviewing (or at least make it optional) and make sure this is clear in job adverts and this may encourage more passive/in post candidates to apply, who previously may not have.

7.Offer to interview candidates outside of working hours or weekends.

This is another way to attract passive/in post candidate who may be deterred from applying for jobs because they cannot easily find the time during the working day without alerting their employer or using up holiday allowance.

8. Offer to interview at a location of the candidate’s choice

This approach requires more resources and might only be considered for senior or mission critical roles. Why not offer to interview candidates at private locations nearer to their home or office so it is more convenient for them to attend interview?  Once again, you are removing another potential barrier to interviewing.

9. CEO Involvement.

If you are finding it hard to close on good candidates try and involve your CEO (most candidates are impressed when meeting the big boss).

10. What attracted you to us?

Sit down with all new hires and ask them what were the key factors that made them both apply and accept the job. You may uncover some crucial ‘pull factors’ which you have overlooked and therefore not effectively promoted or communicated to candidates.

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