6 Free or Affordable HR Software Systems for Small Firms

Get Started with FreshdeskEvery start up or small business reaches a size when it needs to move from its excel file, people management system to a professional HR system. Organizations used to put this off as long as possible because in truth HR systems used to be geared towards the mid size and larger market and were priced accordingly and were simply not cost effective for fledgling firms.

This has all changed thanks to global competition and software as a service, which has led to there being an array of HR systems on the market which can be used on a pay as you go basis, and which are free (under certain conditions), or at least cost effective.

This means that there are a range of HR systems that are on the market which are perfectly practicable for small fledgling businesses. And, so if you are looking for a new HR system to suit a small business, I have listed 6 HR systems that are useful for small business.

6 Free or Affordable HR Software Systems for Small Business in 2015

1.Staff Squared. Comes with a 14 day free trial, and is a user friendly, web based HR system for small business and starts at £15 a month for firms of up to 5 staff. Flexible contracts. No set up fees.

2.Zoho People. This is an extremely affordable, user friendly, fully featured scalable HR system which is web based and totally free for organizations with 9 or less employees. Prices start at $190 a year for 10 employee logins, which works out at about £1 a month per employee,  making this a great entry level HR solution for small business. Includes a timesheet.

3. RedSpot HR. This is another full service HR software system designed by HR professionals with over 100 years of combined HR experience. So, you know it will be built to meet the needs of modern business.  It enables you to manage holiday and sickness absence, to warehouse, manage and report on personnel data, to manage and record staff appraisals, produce payslips and manage HR documents. It’s very affordable at £1 a month per employee and comes with a 30 day, no credit card required free trial.

4.PeopleHR.com. This is another affordable fully fledged HR system for small business, costing from £1 per employee per month for the entry level option and £3 per employee per month for all the bells and whistles. It’s very intuitive, user friendly and contains modules for: personnel data warehousing, performance appraisals, attendance management and hiring.

5. Cezanne HR is a full service, online HR software system. It’s priced to sell to mid-sized and growing UK and international businesses, with the ability to scale up to enterprises with several thousand employees. It has a very convenient and flexible modular pricing system with the monthly fee automatically adjusted to reflect the modules taken and the actual number of active employees you hold in the system. The core system covers ‘people, training and HR portal’, with additional modules such as: absence, performance, time and recruitment, all for a reasonable price (including international capabilities and several language translations). They are continuously improving the system, making two major feature releases each year and minor releases almost monthly. Definitely worth a close look.

6.CakeHR. This is another user friendly and fully featured HR system. It includes: HR database,  attendance management system, employee on-boarding and off-boarding, shared company calendars, organization charts, 360 degree performance feedback system, employee profiles directory, (like Linked-In) and powerful employee reporting. Price: £3.50 per employee per month. Try it now.

Get an Employee Handbook! If you are looking to purchase an HR software system you should also buy an Employee handbook to upload in to your system so you can comply with employment law. You can buy an employee handbook here.

Downloadable Excel Staff Rota/Timesheet. If you are a smaller company of perhaps 20 or less employees you might not need software, and if this is the case why not try out our simple Downloadable Excel Staff Rota/Timesheet. It’s easy to use and you can start managing shifts in no-time using software you are already familiar with. Try it out now.

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