Could These Courses Boost Your Career Prospects?

dreamstime_xs_15188427When you’re looking for a new job after years in the same position, hoping to change careers or just starting out in the working world, you can often struggle to get an interview, let alone a job itself. If that sounds like your situation, you might be wondering what you could possibly do to make a difference. But, there are ways that you can boost your career prospects. Aside from undertaking work experience or completely re-training, you can take these courses that could do you a world of good from a professional perspective.

Interview Skills

Not everyone is great at interviewing. So when you managed to get a call from your dream job and tank the telephone interview, it can feel soul destroying. But you don’t have to accept that you’re a bad interviewer. Instead, get help. You can work on your telephone interview skills, group skills or even the standard one-on-one interviewing process. You can often do this online too, meaning you can spend your evenings and weekends learning how to get it right. Continue reading

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What To Do If You Want To Become A Great Salesperson

dreamstime_xs_19632394In every company, it’s important to have someone who can make sales, who can communicate well with your clients and who can make sure that plenty of money is being brought into the business. If that’s your role then congratulations – you’re a crucial cog in the working of your business. If you’d like to get better at that job, read on for some tips.

Learn To Become A Great Communicator

Firstly, you need to learn how to communicate. What a lot of people don’t realise about Continue reading

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Career Opportunities That Are Growing Right Now

dreamstime_xs_15676453There are so many fantastic career opportunities out there that you should be making the most of. Of course, each person only has one career, so finding the one for you is essential. If you still haven’t stumbled across the career path that’s right for you and your situation, you should look to the careers that are most in demand right now. By choosing out of these, you will have a more secure future and finding work will be a lot simpler. Here are some examples of career opportunities that are growing massively right now.

Financial Advice Continue reading

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