Vital Lessons Job Seekers Can Learn From Salespeople

As a job seeker, there is plenty of inspiration out there that can help you land your perfect career. But if you really want to make a difference to your prospects, why not learn some lessons from the people that actually know how to sell? After all, the process of getting a job is, essentially, all about you selling yourself, and as the best salespeople could sell snowballs to the Inuit, there is no better way of learning how to score the best job possible from some simple sales techniques. Here are a few lessons you can learn from salespeople that could help you land a great job. Continue reading

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Best ways to improve your CS GO performance

If you’re the kind of CS GO player that like to be on top of all the latest CSGO updates then you probably also want to know the best ways in which you can become a better player. As the best players will be able to tell you, being a top CS GO player has a lot to do with how you prepare before even entering a game. It’s true that you have to practice a lot if your want to get better but you also need to make sure that the virtual environment around your game is set up to suit your style. Keep reading this article to find out how you can tweak your settings to that you can dish out maximum efficiency once you’re in a match.

Make sure your computer is ready to go

Computers allow us to play CS GO but that’s not their primary role or why they’ve been created. As a result, your computer might have all the right settings from CS GO by default. But that’s OK because you can easily set them up so that they suit you in game. Continue reading

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What does it mean to get a national pardon?

In Canada, a national pardon is completely different from what a pardon would mean outside Canada. This can be quite confusing for people that are used to the broad meaning of pardon around the world, but as far as Canada is concerned a pardon has its specific meaning there. In Canada, a national pardon is the equivalent of a second chance for convicts and those convicted of crimes. It is in no way a rectification of the original conviction, but the representation of the state’s willingness to allow the one applying for a pardon to have another shot at being a regular civilian.

After being convicted, life can be really tough because people will be very reluctant to hire a convict. Additionally, those with a criminal record cannot pass the border into the US either, meaning that they’re pretty much stuck in a place where they can’t find work. The state acknowledges this and allows convicts to apply for a national pardon. Continue reading

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