Protecting Your Small Retail Business From Crime Is Easier Than You Think

If you’ve taken the time to set up a retail business that you pour your heart and soul in, the last thing you want to overlook is the security. Small retail shops are prime targets for thieves and especially shoplifting gangs that work in a team to overwhelm, confuse and rob you blind. There are too many items, for you to keep an eye on all the time, and not enough employees can watch every customer who comes into your business. Small businesses whether solely online or in the real-world, all suffer from the vulnerability of being infiltrated and destroyed from the inside. That’s why it’s also a good idea to have staff on-site that can stand as a layer between you and your employees as well. The good news is, that with modern strategies your retail business can become more secure than in previous years.

Risk assessment

Before anything, you should carry out a risk assessment to get a clear picture of what you might need to change. It always starts with identifying where the weak spots are, so try and put yourself in a thieve’s shoes. Don’t put the most valuable items, nears to the exit. Although this may be a good business move to advertise your best clothes to passersby, but thieves will be more enticed to grab and run with more expensive items nearest to the door. Make sure you cover any blind spots with mirrors attached to the walls, so if there is a corner that is obscured by a wall or a stack of clothes, without moving from the counter, you can still see what’s going on by looking at the opposite wall. Carry out a test of the camera system, i.e. is it able to switch cameras quickly, can you zoom in on customers, do you have alarm systems on your clothes and at the entrance of the store, etc. Continue reading

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Prolonging Your Career In The Fashion Industry

If you have the look, then you might have a career. Fashion models often have to work hard in the beginning to ensure they are seen in the right places. From there, agents might offer you representation, and then you can formally begin your career as a model. As well as photographic shoots for fashion and cosmetics, you might have opportunities to shoot video or film too.

None of this is easy though. While more and more brands demand models that look a little more like the rest of us, it is essential that you have the charisma and work ethic too. Modelling careers are lasting a little longer now too, especially for men. However, most models find that work can dry up before they ever reach their thirties. Seem unfair? Don’t panic – there is plenty you can do to prolong your career in the fashion industry. Continue reading

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Reducing Risk – The Business Guide

For any business to succeed, risk must be minimal. There are many challenges and hazards for every company. As the director of your business, it is your job to make sure that each risk is reduced or even removed completely. You might not be able to do it on your own. In fact, many company bosses hire specialists or employ other firms to take care of the biggest challenges a business might face. Here are just a few you should be wary of:

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive exists to ensure businesses are conforming to best practice. It is essential to reduce the risk of working for employees. Chances are you have had to report your business to them already. This is especially true if you are involved in physically demanding work like construction. Continue reading

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