7 Ways To Make A More Productive Office Environment

Its easy to simply take your office for granted. But, did you know that the choice of design, layout and the culture of your office can dramatically enhance or reduce productivity? Yes, by making quite conscious decisions about the make up of your office you can encourage staff to be more productive and we have provided several tips on how to do this below.

1.Allow/encourage employees to listen to music while working

A study by Teresa Lesuik from the University of Windsor, Canada called the, The Effect Of Music Listening on Work Performance, found that for IT staff at least, listening to music helped them to finish assignments faster and to a higher standard than those who weren’t listening to music. The music listeners were also found to be more positive and more creative. So, allow employees to listen to music if it will aid productivity and well being.

2.Allow employees to control the sound in their environment

Not all tasks and all people will be more productive when listening to music. In fact, a University of Cardiff study showed that listening to music can impair short term memory performance, so silence is golden when people are trying to assimilate information. So, make sure that staff use headphones so that staff turn can music on and off as they need.

3.On-site Gym or nearby gym and/or on site shower

A University of Bristol study has revealed that people who exercise in the morning of work days are happier, more productive and are less stressed. Make it easy for staff to exercise prior to work by choosing an office with an on-site gym or which is near an external gym. Alternately, why not have a shower and changing rooms installed so staff can run or cycle to work or run at lunchtimes.

4. Allow employees to design their workspace

An Exeter University study of over 2000 employees has found that staff who have some control over the design and layout of their office are 32% more productive. So, talk to employees and let them input on things such as office furniture choice, open plan versus private spaces, hot desks, lighting etc…

5. Encourage employees to personalize the workspace

A Kentucky University study has shown that employees who personalize their desk have a greater sense of well being which can lead to greater engagement and productivity. Encourage and allow people to personalize their desks and make themselves feel at home.

6.Make sure it is well illuminated

A North Western University Study found that employees with better levels of white light illumination in the office slept more each night and reported that they were more mentally and physically effective. So, take a look at illumination levels in your office to check they are at optimal standard.

7.Use the latest software. 

Are you still managing your clients in diaries and notebooks, or are you still managing employees in paper based files? There are countless studies which show that by moving from antiquated paper based management systems to a more sophisticated, business software application you can save your business significant time and effort.   Doctor’s surgeries, salons, building sites, taxi ranks were all once purely paper based and these have all now moved to software systems and are saving time and money in the process. So, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to review your antiquated paper based processes and see which ones can be improved by migrating it to a modern software app alternative.

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