HR Software Survival Kit for Small Firms

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Start up environments can be very frantic and manic in the early days, as your business and teams learn the ropes. You are having to deal with: new and demanding clients, new product creation/perfection/snagging and customer fulfilment, while not yet having established the processes and procedures to handle everything in a seamless manner.

As most of you know, this can be both a chaotic and exciting time, but it can’t go on for ever, and, as you grow, you will reach a point where the lack of organization and systems will begin to hinder your business and make it less efficient.

This is especially important in the area of HR where it has been shown that the ability to find, motivate, engage and retain talent are crucial differentiators in enabling you to get a competitive edge on your peers. In short the best companies will have the best people, and under performing companies are likely to have talent management shortcomings. So, its vital that you have effective talent managements processes and there are three technologies that can help you attract, motivate, engage and retain the best people.

I call it the small business HR technology Survival Kit.

Small Business HR Software Survival Kit

1. Applicant Tracking Software

Hiring software, termed as applicant tracking software, is a tool that will allow you to more cost effectively manage your hiring process to locate talent. It does this by automating many of the laborious aspects of the hiring process such as CV sifting. For example, applicant tracking systems can automatically upload applicant CVs into the system  (a process known as CV parsing) and they can automatically search CVs and rank them and produce candidate shortlists based on the job criteria.  Best of breed applicant tracking systems are integrated with jobs boards and social media so you can automatically post and share your jobs in these mediums. Best of breed ATS will also have mass mailing functionality, automating the process of acknowledging and rejecting applicants.

Used properly, an ATS will save you both time and money and enable you to reach and more effectively assess a broader range of talent.

2. Performance Appraisal Software

The next important tool in your small business HR Technology survival kit has to be some kind of performance appraisal software. This software, if used correctly, will enable you to more effectively motivate, focus and engage your staff. Best of breed  systems will allow you to set goals with milestones, deadlines and reminders and will encourage you to monitor and assess performance against these goals on both an annual and ongoing basis.

3. Team Collaboration Software (with calendar integration)

And finally, you’ll need some kind of team collaboration software which offers a shared workspace where you can share tasks and files and assign resources. It should also integrate with an external calendar or possess its own calendar so teams can effectively manage and coordinate each other’s absences. Just search for shared to-do list software and you will see what I mean.

If you would like to download my One Page Appraisal Form for small business, please click here.

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