4 Essential Pieces of HR Software for Small Business

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Start up offices can be exciting, dynamic, manic and even hectic in the early days. That is the nature of the beast. Your business is disrupting the existing market place which means you may be experiencing: rapid growth in clients, unique customer problems, constant pressure to reduce your time to market and to improve and snag products.

Of course, while all of this client facing activity is happening you are also having to rapidly develop supporting processes and procedures to accommodate. One of the first areas of process development you should take care of is HR, because people need to be managed effectively within the law, whether you are big or small. HR can seem scary to many business leaders as they fear the supposed ‘red tape’ will slow their business down. While of course there are of course HR regulations that need to be followed, your business will be slowed down much more if you fail to follow the correct HR processes.

And now thankfully, taking your first steps into HR has been made a lot easier by the arrival of HR software as a service. Yes, there are a range of web based HR tools available that can help you take the first steps to effective people management – which can enable you to manage your existing staff more effectively, until you reach a point where you might enlist the help of a HR professional at which point it will complement the situation as all your HR data will be centralized making it easier for the HR professional to operate.

So, what are these exciting web based HR tools for small business?

Well, there are four essential pieces of HR software for small business

1.Cloud Based HR Software

If you look for HR Software Systems on Google you’ll find a range of web based HR software tools that you can use. They will include functionality such as: holiday and sickness tracking and management, performance management, employee records, document management and sharing, intranets, alerts, training modules, recruitment modules and reporting etc…

2.Cloud Based Performance Appraisal Software

You will find that at the core of the HR systems mentioned above are: employee records management, document management and attendance management. However, not all of them may have advanced performance management tools and if the HR system you have chosen doesn’t have a great performance management module you might want to get a specialist cloud based performance appraisal system. Once again a quick search on google will give you plenty of options in this area.

3.Time sheets

You may find that the HR system’s attendance management functionality is suited to your needs but if you want to track hours worked for billing purposes you should get yourself a professional web based time systems. Don’ t reinvent the wheel, or try and do this in Excel; there are 100s of sophisticated time sheets systems available on google.

4.Shared Workspace Collaboration Software

Gone are the days of co-located offices ,with all the staff working from one office. Many small businesses have a mixture of employees working from a range of remote locations such as home offices. Its vital that you have a shared on-line workspace accessible through a browser where you can host forums and wiki’s and where you can include and share project documents and do basic levels of project management such as alerts. Once again do a quick search of google for private social network software and you’ll find plenty of software products in this field.

Final words… Most of the best of breed cloud based software tools come with a free trial so you can try them out. Choose a tool where you can sign up on-line and convert to a pay subscription at the end of the trial. Make sure the system is entirely web based and third party hosted, so you don’t have to hassle with any technology set up at your end.

Some are free, (but nothing is free in this world), so try and find out how they fund the business otherwise it may not be a sustainable business.

This article was submitted by Sat Sindhar MD at People a best of breed, cloud based HR system for small business built with 47 years of combined industry experience. You can read more about Sat’s thoughts on small business HR software by visiting his company blog.

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