Should You Earn an On-line Psychology Degree?

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There has been some scepticism in the past about the value and credibility of online degrees. In short, employers had become worried that there were many poor quality institutions giving out poor quality degrees. Hence a candidate with an online psychology degree, (or any online degree for that matter of fact), might not be taken as seriously as someone with a traditional degree. But, all that has changed.

It has now easy for students and employers to checktheauthenticityofanonlineinstitution by contacting the Better Business Bureau in their state. It’s also easy to check the quality of an online learning institution by looking at the BestOnlineProgramsRankings prepared by the US News and World Report. As well as this, a 12 year study ending in 2008 by the USDepartmentofEducation has shown that online classes have stronger learning outcomes than traditional face to face classroom learning.

So, in many respects the question about credibility of online degrees has been answered, and answered emphatically, which is that, “onlinedegreeprogrammesareasgoodasifnotbetterthantheirfacetofacecounterparts”.

But, there’s another important reason to choose an online degree, in that they are more cost effective than face to face degrees as you can potentially save money on books, transportation costs and accommodation. And cost is a real issue at the moment, due to the global economic crisis and the continuing strain on the public and consumer purse, and the fact that tuition fees are continuing to rise aboveinflationintheUS and soaring in the UK following the recent increase in the tuition fee cap to £3,000to£9,000. So, doing an online degree versus a face to face degree can mean that you leave university with a much lower debt.

Coupled to that, studiesfromtheOECD show that graduates earn between 20 and 100% more than non graduates over their working life and work on average for 6 years longer than non graduates

This means that choosing an on-line degree is in the current climate a shrewd economic decision.

Therefore, the question is not whether one should choose an online degree arguably but which one? Now there are many degree subjects on the market, an online psychology degree is an excellent option because there are a range of career options both within the public and private sector, meaning an online psychology degree can make you highly employable. For example, therearemultipleclinicalcareerpathsopentopsychologygraduates, along with research career options in the education sector.

But, importantly there are many incremental career options in the private sector which you can exploit by doing an on-line psychology degree. For example, psychology is a statistics intensive course which sets you up well for a career in market research, advertising, marketing. It’s also a very useful stepping stone into change management, management consulting and human resources roles. So, absolutely, “You Should Earn An On-line Psychology Degree”, but do make sure it is from a reputable, high quality institution and check that the course is respected within the psychology sector in the same way that you would when selecting any degree, be that on-line or face to face.

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