Best Industries To Start a Business in the US for 2014 (Inc Magazine Survey)

Last updated on February 22nd, 2014 at 05:28 pm

Thinking about starting a business? I know that many of you are because much of the research that I have been reading shows that the numbers of self employed workers is on the increase. It seems that many of us are seeing self employment as a pathway to prosperity or simple a route out of unemployment. Whatever the reason for choosing to strike out on your own, you want to enter an area which you know is growing, meaning that there is plenty of available market share. It can be hard to find reliable sources of market growth but are certainly a source worth listening to and below I have presented a list of’s most promising growth industries for 2013/2014 and these are:

  1. Wearable computing – things like Google Glasses, Pebble’s watch etc…
  2. Artisanal alcohol and boutique brew
  3. Cruise specialists – high end, specialist, adventure cruises
  4. Online education – its cheaper and more convenient and becoming more credible
  5. Consumer health technology – fitness, health and exercise monitors and apps
  6. Specialized online retail – shoppers want personalized products. The next step after mass customization
  7. 3-D printing
  8. Virtual data rooms – more advanced and industrialized versions of dropbox

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