5 Leading Gamification Apps For Small Business

In case you hadn’t heard of it, Gamification is the ‘new kid in town’ when it comes to HR and staff motivation. Gamification is about using game theory or game mechanics to motivate staff in the office. In short by turning specific tasks into contests you can increase engagement levels in the task and increase all round motivation.

So, how do you gamify a task? Its pretty easy. Lets say you wanted to encourage your sales team to make more cold calls or appointments, you could gamify this process by creating a leaderboard, badges and rewards for the winner or winners of the cold calling or appointment setting contest. This can all sound a little difficult to design and administer, but if you use one of the many gamification software tools on the market, the whole process will be streamlined and highly automated, removing a lot of the admin burden.

Below are 5 top gamification apps for small business

1.MySalesGame by CalliduscCloud. This is a gamification app which is specifically designed for sales teams and will allow you to increase engagement in a process or drive adoption of a new system and most importantly increase revenues by encouraging competition and shared goals.

2.BunchBall Nitro This is a more generalized gamification app which has specific modues for sales, IT service desk, and socialization

3.Hoopla. This is another gamification software application and this is specifically geared at sales forces again. These tools can often be used more broadly but they are often targeted at sales teams as results are very tangible and easy to measure. You can easily create contests and broadcast the leaderboard via their TV platform.

4.Badgeville. This is the one-stop gamification tool designed to serve a range of engagement requirements from:  Social Loyalty, Social Collaboration, Sales Productivity, Employee Productivity, Employee Collaboration, Customer Acquisition, Ideation & Innovation, Learning & Compliance, Product Enhancement, Omni-Channel Commerce, Marketing Campaigns, Community Engagement, marketing, media & entertainment, Non-Profit, On-Line Services, Retail & Commerce

5.Everymove.org. This app can be used to motivate your employees to engage in behaviours that will improve their fitness and well-being.

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