Is Zoho People The Best HR Software For Small Firms in 2015?

Last updated on June 6th, 2016 at 10:39 am

dreamstime_xs_26749606Zoho People is a practical and affordable HR system for small business

Small businesses no longer need to waste the time deciding on whether to use a HR software system in 2015 to help manage their staff; they simply should use one, full-stop. Why? Because its more efficient and easier to use a modern HR software system rather than rely on a jumbled collection of excel files, word files, filing cabinet, calendar etc….

The best of breed HR systems, here in 2015, allow you to manage all HR data, including personal information, attendance records, (documents such as passport scans, contracts, sick notes,) all from a web accessible database. They automate many HR processes and also give you a structure and guidance on how to execute various HR processes, like appraisals, attendance management, and so it can be a little bit like having an electronic HR advisor.

Which One?

As well as this, many of these systems are free for micro-businesses or extremely affordable, so it’s a done deal really; you should have a HR system. And the only question that therefore remains is ‘which one’, since there are a range of perfectly workable systems on the market in 2015.

Now, I wouldn’t put you off any of the top 20 HR software systems on the market, (as most of the software on the first 2 pages of Google will be fit for purpose), but I would always recommend that you choose a software system that is geared towards small businesses as it will be much better suited to your purposes – as it will be designed to help you address the unique problems that small businesses will face.

Zoho People

Its goes without saying that Zoho People is cloud based and is fully accessible and configurable via a web browser, and you should really settle for nothing less in 2015.

You don’t need to worry about HR functionality, as Zoho People has all the tools that a HR Consultant, HR Manager, or Office Manager needs to effectively run the HR system. Of course, Zoho People has a Centralized Employee Information, which is the backbone and non-negotiable component of all HR sofware systems. You can store whatever employee data you like and easily create your own fields if necessary.

As busy small businesses you don’t want to waste time updating employee records and Zoho People automates much of this through its web accessible Employee Self Service Portal, which allows employees to view, update and modify certain HR information, (such as name, address, marital status etc… , removing the burden from the HR team.

Not many HR software systems have a built in timesheet and so the fact that Zoho People has one is a real bonus. The Zoho People timesheets module has billing functionality so you can create invoice for clients and reports for payroll. Another bonus feature in Zoho People, that you rarely see in HR software systems is an attendance tracker which enables you to track you employee’s punctuality and check-in and check-out time, including breaks and it will automatically calculate number of hours worked.

As you would expect with a best of breed HR software system it has a detailed leave management system so you can record and easily report on all types of leave and view leave balances.

Now, most small business should be well served with the existing features of Zoho, but if you are a little more needy and adventurous, you can create custom modules and forms to suit your unique needs.

One of the most exciting and potentially time saving elements of Zoho People is its HR Processs Automation which enables you to set : email alerts and reminders to help you keep on top of the many HR tasks.

And finally, never waste time searching for a lost document again, by making use of Zoho’s E-Filing Cabinet which enables you to store, search for and share all your company files.

Now, as I said there are probably 5 or 10 HR software systems that are great for small businesses and Zoho People is definitely up there with the best – and usually the first HR software system on the short-list when I am making a HR software recommendation for a client. You can check it out here.

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