Top 5 Tips To Get Staff To Adopt A New HR Software System

dreamstime_xs_29698348It’s all well and good taking the time to source a new HR system, but it will be a waste of time if your staff don’t use it. And you’d be wrong to assume that your HR team members or employees will immediately start using your system as humans are creatures of habit and routine – which means there may be a lot of resistance to breaking their old routines and moving to a new HR software based routine.

Sure, some people will take to the new HR software system like a duck to water; they are the innovators and early adopters, but they ony number a few, as you can see in the innovation bell curve depicted below.

The vast majority of employees will take a while to come on board and they will need some coaxing – and to help you with this process I have outlined 5 top tips to get your staff to adopt a new HR software system.

1. Use Incentives. Incentives can be a great motivator and so why not reward staff for using the HR software system. Establish a set of missions to be completed in the system, e.g. updating personal details, transferring data, booking their holidays etc…, reading documentation included in the system such as the employee handbook etc… and then give employees a reward for completing the missions. This could be chocolate, wine etc…

2.Set a clear sunset period for legacy systems. Staff may need to have some kind of change over period where they can run both the old system and new system side by side so they can remain functional. But, make sure you set a clear, no nonsense, sunset period when legacy systems and procedures will be terminated.

3.Choose a user friendly system. I can’t stress this enough. If a HR system is clunky and difficult to use you will find it hard to build support for your new HR software system. If it’s not usuable staff may feel quite justified in boycotting the system, making the adoptance process much more difficult. Involve users in the procurement process and make sure to focus on systems that are truly user friendly.

4.Highlight system benefits. The system must ultimately make life easier for staff, in that it automates boring and mundane tasks, helps them to work more efficiently and gives them new capabilities. When buying the HR software be clear on the exact benefits it brings to your staff and pitch this to staff regularly throughout the implementation and adoption process. For example, a HR software system can remove the need for routine data entry and since they are cloud based it can free up HR professionals, who are often chained to the office based filing systems, to work from home from time to time.

5.Lead from the top. Make sure that the CEO and senior managers are seen to be using the system as they are role models who can set an example for others to follow.

Well, these are my top 5 tactics to speed up staff adoption of your new HR software system. I’d love to hear what other tips you may have.

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