Recruiter’s 2015 Technology and Software Survival Guide

dreamstime_xs_12255621The corporate environment is changing dramatically; we face shorter product life cycles, rapid times to market, new competition from emerging economies, disruptive start-ups and almost constant innovation. To stay relevant and engage effectively in this hi-tech business world, HR and recruitment teams must become technology early adopters and be evaluating and using the best technologies.

And below I have set out the 6 technologies sourcing professionals should be getting to grips with if they are to survive in the modern techno intensive, techno-social candidate marketplace.

Tech Tool 1:  Employee Referral Software. Countless studies from the likes of CareerXRoads, Jobvite and the US Department of Labor show that the most effective way to hire staff is through word of mouth. One of the easiest ways for employers to get into the ‘word of mouth’ hiring game is to use an employee referrals app such as BullHorn Reach or Jobvite which allows you to exploit the power of yours and your employee’s social networks to generate qualified candidate referrals to your business.

Tech Tool 2: Video Interviewing Software. In this time pressurized, dynamic and highly mobile candidate marketplace, video interviewing is a leveller which allows businesses to add greater flexibility and crowd control to the interview process. Apps such as Sparkhire and HireVue not only enable you to have automated professional video interviewing they also act as a partial applicant tracking system.

Tech Tool 3. Applicant Tracking Systems are the bread and butter of recruiter technologies. A mobile, social media integrated user friendly ATS is a must, even for smaller businesses as there are several free cost ATS on the market such as, or

Tech Tool 4. Mobile Device. There is no hiding place. You need a mobile device, be it Android or Apple. Many of the capabilities of the apps mentioned above can be enhanced using a mobile

Tech Tool 5. Intelligence App. As a talent scout you need an online database of talent, which you can access at any time through you smart-phone. The best and most comprehensive app on the market is of course the Linked-In App.

Tech Tool 6: Networking App. With workers and talent being more mobile then ever, you never know where you might run into talent. Maximize your networking opportunities using apps like CardMunch which enable you to photograph and upload business cards to your phone.

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