A career in Charity: Not just voluntary free time giving

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dreamstime_xs_16463260A career in charity: not just voluntary free time giving also uses paid staff members. Depending on the size of the organisation, staff jobs can range from one executive director and an assistant to a large organisational structure that features hundreds of employees.

Computer Jobs

Regardless of the size of the charity, however, most of the organisations do maintain computer databases that feature a list of members and volunteers. Therefore, for anyone looking for a career in charity, not just voluntary free time giving, training in the IT field can be utilised in such areas as:

  • The maintenance and creation of databases;
  • The production of multimedia type demonstrations for fundraising; or
  • The installation and tracking of computer networks.

Networks administrators are in demand by larger charities that depend on electronic communications. Therefore, you could use a computer education in an IT job that requires site maintenance for soliciting and collecting donations.

Administrative Support

With respect to administration, a career in charity, not just voluntary free time giving, may be supported by an office staff that consists of an accountant or a professional bookkeeper. Jobs are available in administration that lend administrative support as well. Major jobs in this area include receptionist, executive assistant and volunteer coordinator. With an advanced education, you may also find work as an investment manager in larger charities.

Medical Employment

Some charitable work involves the use of full-time medical workers. For example, nurses are needed for charities that serve people with developmental disabilities, AIDS, mental disorders or dementia. In addition, charities also hire therapists to work with people with drug and alcohol problems and similar addictions. Underprivileged and indigent populations are served by certified nursing assistants, physicians, physical therapists and behavior analysts, all of whom are employed as medical staff members of charities.

Marketing and PR Jobs

Naturally, charities always need fundraisers. Therefore, anyone who has an educational background in marketing can apply for a fundraising job with a charity. Marketing and media specialists work at building awareness for a charity and at attracting community support.

Therefore, if your field is marketing, you may be able to apply for a job as a marketing manager or public relations specialist. Such jobs, in a larger charity, may entail directing a staff in the direct mailing of fundraising literature or supervising call center activities. In smaller charities, the marketing or PR manager may handle all the media relations, campaign development and fundraising activities himself.

A Job that Features Personal and Financial Rewards

As you can see, seeking a job in a charity can be advantageous if you have skills in the area of IT, administration, health care, marketing or public relations. While these jobs may not command the same salaries as the same jobs in for-profit organizations, they do give you more of an opportunity to expand your skills and experience. Plus, you do receive certain personal rewards when your are working a good cause.

Seeking a Professional Position with a Charity: Obtaining Information

Because the salaries are lower in charities, it is easier for a professional person to obtain work in this kind of organization. The competition is not as keen either as most jobs are established and salaries are set. However, again, if you want to work for an organisation that is committed to helping others or in supporting a specific mission or goal, then you definitely have the ability to make a difference in this respect. Survey charity job listings on such sites as Flow Caritas on the Internet. Review the paid charity job listings today.

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