Improving Health And Safety In The Workplace

dreamstime_xs_16005003Improving health and safety in the workplace has a number of benefits. It lowers insurance premiums, the chance of injury and also improves morale and we’ve compiled some tips together with the help of Goldcross Training on how to help enhance it.

1) Have a Workplace Hazard Control Plan

As an employer, you should develop a safety plan for the workplace that identifies different hazards, and the appropriate measures to that minimize or eliminate them. Communicate with your employees about the measures you will put in place to ensure their safety. Clarify what is expected of them and ensure that have complete access to the first aid kit.

Some of the hazards employees face include working with heavy duty cleaning products, lifting and stacking of heavy boxes, or working with large machinery for long hours.

2) Routine workplace Inspection

You should conduct routine workplace inspections. Check the tools and equipment to see if they are in good working order, the storage areas, and review the existing work safety procedures. Some of the things you will do including checking if employees are aware of how they should handle heavy goods to avoid injuries and checking if boxes in the storage room are stacked in a safe manner.

3) Conduct Employee Training

Workplaces with a high risk of injuries should ensure that all employees are properly trained about safety protocols. You should also provide written instruction detailing the work safety procedures for the employees to check and remind themselves of what is expected of them. It is always important to supervise the workers to check whether they are implanting what they learned from their training to ensure a safe execution of their respective jobs. Overlooking the need to train your employees adequately increases the risk of accidents putting the lives of your employees in danger and placing you liable for any injuries or accidents that might occur.

4) Hold Discussion Sessions with Your Employees

Holding regular discussion sessions with the employees help to build a healthy and open work relation. It encourages them to be open and share their views on the various improvements they would like to see done in the workplace. You can hold such sessions when doing first aid training to prep them for emergencies.

5) Investigate All Incidents

Whether an incident have severe injuries or not, you still need to conduct an incident investigation to determine the root cause of the incident to help put the right preventive measures in place.

6) Keep Proper Records

It is important to keep records of all training activities, incident investigation, incidents, and inspections conducted. It is easy to develop safety protocols and note any unidentified unsafe conditions in the workplace.

7) Ensure Safety Comes First. Safety in the business should be as important to the business as is financial planning, customer service or inventory control. Staying committed to ensuring the safety and health of your employees makes good business sense because you will be protecting your greatest resource – your workforce.

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