Top 5 Free Or Affordable Cloud Based Team Management Software Tools for Small Businesses

dreamstime_xs_26749606Every successful entrepreneur will reach that point in their business journey where they can no longer do all the work themselves and they must rely on a team to get things done. Projects and assignments will need to be divided up into tasks and shared between 2 or more team members. This is the time where you’ll need to deploy some form of project coordination process if you are to complete tasks on time, to budget and to the satisfaction of the customer. In the old days you could set up your own coordination systems using spread sheets or even a pin board. But, there are four reasons why in this day and age you should skip this spread sheet stage and jump right to using a cloud based, team management software tool for small business.

  1. The first is that the team management software systems are very cost effective, usually costing a few dollars a month.
  2. The next reason is that they tend to be run on a subscription basis, meaning you can start and stop them as you like.
  3. The third reason is that these team management software systems are cloud-based which means they can be easily accessed by both co-located and remote workers which means it enables flexible working in your business.
  4. The fourth and final reason is that the makers of these team management software tools have faced many of the problems that you have faced during their own business journey and have incorporated much of this learning into these systems. Why struggle blindly through these early stages of the team-building journey when there is software specifically designed to guide you through this process? Don’t re-invent the wheel.

Below, I have outlined 4 free or affordable, cloud-based team management software tools for small business. This comes with a free account, but premium plans start at $12 a month for up to 5 projects. Used by the likes of PayPal and Ebay, you can be sure that this is a team management tool that is suited to dynamic, rapidly growing, innovative businesses. It allows you to centralize all your projects and tasks into one place. You can assign tasks to staff, request progress updates or set reminders for staff to up date the system with progress. It also acts as a team organizer including a calendar, file repository and so on. It is a one-stop team collaboration tool.

2.Asana. This comes with a free account, but premium plans start at $21 a month for up to 5 members. This one is used by the likes of Dropbox, Pinterest and UBER and so this is sure to be another powerful team collaboration tool well suited to dynamic and innovative businesses. You can manage tasks and projects and organize people and events and meetings all through this power task management interface.

3.Getflow. This is another excellent online task management and team collaboration software tool. This system lets you manage day to day work-flow and tasks, ongoing projects and team collaboration. Pricing starts at $59 a month for 4 people. It comes with a 30 day, no credit card required free trial.

4.Huddle. This is a powerful team management tool probably aimed more at larger businesses. The system caters for a minimum of 25 users at $20 per user per month. It enables file sharing, content collaboration and project management.

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