Top 3 Employee Discipline and Termination Software Tools for Small Business

Last updated on August 11th, 2017 at 07:48 am

dreamstime_xs_20095916Research from the Corporate Executive Board suggests that 1 in 5 hires are bad hires, which means that most small employers will have to discipline or dismiss a poor performing employee within their first few years of their business. In fact, this Careerbuilder survey showed that during a typical year, 70% of managers experienced a bad hire, which means that the subject of discipline and termination is never far away.

Of course, disciplining and/or terminating under-performers is not a pleasant task. If you are lucky the employee may voluntarily remove themselves from the situation by resigning, avoiding too much acrimony. But, in many cases you’ll need to discipline and dismiss the employee which must be done according to the correct discipline and termination procedures of your particular legal jurisdiction or you could face a tribunal claim or law suit from a disgruntled employee.

One way to help you follow a fair process when disciplining and dismissing staff is to use some employee discipline and termination software. Just to be clear this is not a termination automation tool; it’s not a robot that will go and fire your staff for you. This software is designed to facilitate the progressive discipline process and it will show you the correct road map to follow, but it’s still up to you to execute it. None of these tools are meant to be replacements for legal advice from a qualified lawyer or employment law professional. It’s just an aid. So, if you are looking to discipline or terminate staff, why not try using one of the employee discipline and termination software tools below:

1.Croner Simplify. This tool is aimed at employers in the UK market. Croner are primarily an employment law advice business and they have built a HR software system for tracking: absence, holiday sickness, performance etc. However, they have included specific modules within this system which guide you through the formal process of disciplining staff. The disciplinary system acts as a road map and legal companion guiding you through the process and providing template documents for you to use at every step of the way. This software tool is for employers in the US market. It allows you to document and apply a progressive discipline process where employees are given verbal and written warnings on the path to either improvement or termination. It is very easy to use and has plenty of documentation to help you along the way. This disciplinary software tool is for the South African work-place and is a disciplinary system that has been developed to guide employers through the process of disciplining staff. It covers areas such as: misconduct, incompetence, CCMA and more…

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