Top 4 Free or Affordable Virtual Time Clock Software Tools For Small Businesses

Last updated on March 8th, 2016 at 04:26 pm

dreamstime_xs_26781995If you are still recording your staff working hours with spreadsheets, paper or an out-of-date punch clock, then it’s time to make a change and move into the modern age, because this approach is a very inefficient way to track time and attendance. It leaves you having to do a lot of unnecessary manual labour to track time and then prepare reports on time for payroll reporting. In today’s world, the simplest and most efficient way to track the attendance of each of your staff members is to use some kind of virtual time tracking software tool. These kind of tools will automate much of the time tracking process and reporting process, making it easy to report on time and pay, by project, job or department etc.., speeding up payroll process, invoice preparation and financial analysis. Many timeclock software tools are hardware integrated and enable finger printed, facial recognition and retinal based clock-ins. So, if you are ready to move to virtual time clock software, try one of these best-of-breed, software time clock tools below: This is a virtual time clock that can be installed on any windows PC. It’s very simple for employees to use. They will simply need to select their name, click the CLOCK IN or CLOCK OUT button and enter their password and go. Employees can enter notes if they want to tell people what they are working on. The system contains a wide range of time and pay reports in summary and drill-down format, across a range of time periods. It costs $49.95 for a single license, $79.95 for a network license of 5 computers and $99.95 dollars for an unlimited network license.

2.Redcore Software – Virtual TimeClock. This comes with a free trial. It is cross platform and will run on both Windows PC and Mac OS X computers. The employee user interface is quick and easy for employees to use and it comes with a range of powerful reports and makes it very easy for to produce timecards and itemized customer invoices. There is a Basic Edition costing $99 which can be used by up to 3 workers and can be installed on one computer, along with a pro Edition costing $195 which can be installed on 1 computer but which can be used by unlimited workers. They also have an unlimited computer/unlimited worker network edition costing $295. This is a high power cloud-based time and attendance system. Employees can clock-in and clock out from the: web, their mobile, using finger print recognition or facial recognition, but you’ll have to pay for their hardware if you want this finger print of facial recognition clock-in capability. This comes with a user-friendly interface and powerful reporting and seamless integration with payroll processes.

4. This is another very powerful timeclock app for small business which can be run on an iPad or Android tablet. This system can incorporate GPS tracking so you can ensure that employees clock in and clock out from the right place. It is easy for employees to use,  and employers can quickly prepare time-sheets and reports for payroll, speeding up the payroll process.

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