Top 4 Free or Affordable Online Business Management Software Tools

Business Management Tools To Help Your Business GrowIt was an exciting period of time when software first came along and gradually started replacing paper based business processes, making them more efficient.

Today, business leaders can now access accounting software, calendar software, task management software, client relationship management software and so on to help make their business processes more efficient.

While this vast software choice is of course a blessing, it can become an administrative burden having 4 or 5 different software systems for staff and managers to login to everyday to run the business. Staff have to learn different systems, remember different logins, constantly login and out of different systems and do complex and time-consuming data imports between systems.

That’s why many businesses are dispensing with individual function specific software tools and are favouring an all in one, cloud based, business management software tool. Larger business have had these centralized business management software tools for sometime and they are known as ERP systems. But, these ERP systems are far too large and unwieldy for small companies and SME’s should therefore be looking to take advantage of the suite of online business management software tools for small business. I have outlined 4 of the best of breed small business management software tools below:

1.GoSmallBiz.Com At just $39.00 a month this is a very affordable, feature-rich small business management software tool that contains lots of tools and apps to help you run your small business effectively. Tools include a: website builder tool, customer relationship management tool, human resources document builder, legal document builder with templates, tax and accounting system, e-learning system with a library of business courses.

2.Studiocloud. This online business management software tool costs $35 a month, going up to $65 per month for the premium version. There is a free version but that’s severely limited. This is another feature rich system containing tools for: client management, scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, project management, marketing campaigns, online booking, email automation, e-signatures, credit card payments, lead generation and much more…

3.Orderwise. This small business management software tool costs £49 a month. It is a heavy duty small business management software tool, including features and tools to help you manage the full business process, including: stock control, sales, eCommerce, website, marketplace integration, payment processing, order management, accounts, purchasing, returns, manufacturing & kitting, business intelligence and CRM.

4.Neetrix. This cloud based small business software management tool starts at £10 a month. It includes a: customer relationship management tool, an accounting tool, a back-office project and work-flow management tool, and an online store.
Business Management Tools To Help Your Business Grow

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