Don’t Be a Scrooge; Gift Your Staff Work-Life-Balance In Time For Christmas  

Last updated on October 20th, 2016 at 10:50 am

With the Christmas Holiday season approaching, it appears that many Britons may be spending too much of this period working rather than enjoying the festive season and spending quality time with friends and family.

Yes, it seems that Briton’s are regularly working long hours, much longer than contracted. According to this survey by, a massive 86% of UK workers stay late at least once a week, and 28% of workers stay later than contracted everyday, and 91% of workers are finding their jobs stressful.

There is a real problem in the UK work-place concerning poor work-life balance and this is threatening to impinge on the ability of UK workers to enjoy the upcoming festive season.

Not only are workers likely to be missing out on fun during this festive period, but ironically they are missing out on the ability to recharge their batteries in order to come back strong in 2016. Over-working is a downward spiral which doesn’t end until workers feel burned-out. Burned out workers are not productive workers and it is in no-one’s interest for staff to work till they drop.

There is another way….

UK workers don’t have to be consigned to a life of overworking and poor work life balance. It is possible for UK workers to get greater control over their working lives using flexible working. Since April 2014 all employees with at least 26 week’s continuous service have had the legal right to request flexible working and employers are now required to accommodate these requests or give a business reason why they can’t.

But, employers shouldn’t be offering flexible working just because they are legally obliged too, they should be doing it because 14.5 million UK workers want flexible working, while just 6.2% of job adverts offer flexible working. If you offer flexible working you’ll be pleasing your staff, enabling them to have a better work-life balance this Christmas and New Year which should lead them to be more productive during the hours they are working, and in the new year.

Additionally, if you are seen as an employer that offers flexible working you’ll find it easier to hire and retain seasonal staff during the festive period particularly and of course in 2016.

But, don’t hang about in bringing in flexible working, or else you will fall behind the times as 80% of employers are now making working hours more flexible to counter burnout and the employers that do this first and most extensively will be able to attract the cream of talent in the market-place.

Don’t Be a Scrooge; Gift Your Staff Work-Life-Balance In Time For Christmas

You can find more interesting stats about work-life balance in the infographic shown below.

Work-life balance. Flexible working

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