Top 4 Ways To Get The Most Out of Sales

Last updated on January 4th, 2017 at 03:01 pm

dreamstime_xs_15421651Have you invested time and effort in a new CRM system to help boost the performance of your sales team only to find a year later that many staff aren’t using the system and those that do use it aren’t using it correctly?

If you find yourself in this frustrating predicament you may find some consolation in the fact that you are not alone in your pain. Research from Forrester shows that less than 50% of CRM implementations fully meet the project expectations. And the fact that so many companies share this problem means that there will be plenty of industry-wide impetus to find a solution to the problem.

One particular piece of root cause analysis was conducted by Merkel Systems and they found that one of the key reasons that CRM implementations fail is due to lack of a CRM strategy. It’s clear that CRM implementation is more than just an IT project, and should be viewed as a consultation and change project, which could benefit from some outside expert help. For example, you can check out this Sales Force Consultant in Dubai here. But, there are plenty of these consultants available in every locality.

So, that’s our first tip to get the most out of, that is, use a CRM consultant to help you develop a CRM strategy. You can read some more tips to maximise usage below.

1.Gamify the process. Incentivize staff to use and engage with the system by providing rewards for staff completing various tasks within the system, such as importing/entering a certain amount of leads, updating their own profile, reading documentation etc… You can encourage and expand utilization of by creating in system challenges and rewards – which require and incentivize users to use more tools within sales forces. There are various plugins that you can get for such as bunchball that will enable you to quickly gamify and increase user uptake.

2.Encourage collaboration by using’s chat tool. A great way to get staff engaged with the system is to get them to use the in-built social tool, called chatter. They can use the tool to crowd-source ideas and solutions to everyday sales problems and learn and become better sales people, and this will encourage them to login more often.

3.Have a user adoption and training programme. If you want to enhance system uptake and maintain ongoing adoption of the system, you’ll need some kind of regular training programme that kicks in at day one for new joiners and which occurs at regular intervals and which is at laggards who are slow to adopt.

4.Build inertia by integrating with key systems. Allow other department’s systems such as finance and marketing to integrate directly with This will increase internal dependency on, meaning that other team’s will expect it to be updated, and will build a sense of inertia around updating and using the salesforce system within your team.

5.Make use of automation features to reduce manual labour. Make use of any automation features in that will make the life of sales staff easier and remove boring elements from their jobs. This is an excellent way to encourage staff to use the system.

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