5 Great Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

hAn online reputation says a lot about a business, however with the web the way it is anybody can post as they wish online. So, how do you manage your reputation on the web? Well, here are some good starter tips from Reputation Communication to give you an idea.

Do a Search on Yourself

Google, in images as well for your name. It is important to set up a your name with a Google alert, this is a great name to keep an eye on any recent content. If you want to avoid overloading your inbox then set the notifications for once a day, a time when you are checking messages.

Purchase Your Own Domain Name

This is not that expensive, on well-known sites such as GoDaddy you will pay as low as twelve dollars a year. There are many varied opinions on this subject, for example the co-founder and CEO of BrandYourself, Patrick Ambron believes in having as many domain names as possible such as; patrickambrononline.com, patrickambron.com or patrickambronblog.com. His exact words were “The more you purchase, the better”.

In my personal opinion that is a tad bit much, I prefer going with one domain, name it and really put the time and effort into maintaining it and watching it grow. In this domain makes sure you include a brief bio on who you are, talk about your life, add your curriculum vitae, post articles that are of interest to you and include your well written opinion on them.

Maintain Your Content in One Location

Thanks to sites such as WordPress, Tumblr and About.me. This is now something that is easy to do. There is even a way in which your name can be “applied” to these sites, in other words if someone visits your sit titled ABC.com they will be immediately directed to your WordPress, Tumblr or About.me page. These pages offer very nicely designed templates in with which a web page can be set up to look professionally designed without the expensive use of a web designer. Is that convenient or what?

Think Social Networking

This does not mean that you have to be active on these sites however joining them and filling out the complete profile can be beneficial. There is of course the well-known Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ and Google+ may not seem like the most popular but according to author Stradtman it will be gaining power during the next few years, it is after all a product of Google so why would Google searches favor Google+ and sent the SEO traffic their way?

There are other sites that if time permitting you should consider joining such as Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube, among others. Even if you do not post daily try updating on a monthly basis even if it is by merely sharing an article and your well written opinion on it.

Have an Optimized Presence on The Sites

Take the time to thoroughly fill out these pages, customize your URL and whenever possible as well as fitting repeat your name. Let’s take Linkedin as an example, look for the “public Profile” section on the profile page and edit your URL. Instead of it being a simple profile view ass your site name so it will read the view of the site name. Use your full name whenever possible as well as a catchy nickname or slogan. If a website offers to link you to other social media web pages do not hesitate to do so, this is a great way to strengthen your online presence.

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