A Checklist of Time Tracking Software Features

dreamstime_xs_26781995Are you ready to update your outdated time tracking system? Or do you plan to automate this system for the very first time? No matter what your particular reasons happen to be, just know that there are numerous solutions to pick from, so it’s important to discover critical features to look for when choosing software this nature.

At the beginning, when first starting this process, you might not know where to look. As you can imagine, some types of time tracking software are inferior to others. And some have greater capabilities and technological enhancements that far surpass the competition.

Choosing the right time tracker requires a well-thought-out plan. Use this checklist to help determine the perfect software to meet your needs.

Top 5 Time Tracker Software Features

Here are our favorite features for time tracker software solutions in no particular order:

  • Efficiency – it’s so simple to have minute details fall through the cracks, even when you have the brightest employees that are reliable and dedicated to your company. On occasion, people will miss deadlines and they will unfortunately burn through budgets. When you have the right time tracking software in place, it can do much more than keep track of payroll. The best software of this type can track budgets, equipment, labor distribution, cost codes, work sites and much more. The ideal software solution will help you make positive decisions because it tracks the most important data necessary to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Security – every business is vulnerable when they have their computer system on a network. The system can crash out of nowhere. Hackers can wreak havoc on your business. And when this happens, invaluable data can get lost in the shuffle. In this case, we’re talking about time tracking data. Tracking important time management data in the cloud will prevent hackers from destroying this important information. Plus, this encrypted software is easy to manage and allows you to delegate certain roles and permissions, so only key members of your staff will have access to your company’s most invaluable info.
  • Customer support – it’s often difficult to come across good customer service these days. When choosing time tracking software, you’re going to have questions and concerns that need answering. Find software that offers solid customer support that can easily anticipate and fulfill your needs as a customer.
  • Exporting made easy – clunky exporting can slow down the best of us. When you have the right time tracking software in place, you’ll be able to quickly and easily export pertinent info to multiple accounting and payroll platforms. And the software should accomplish this task in just a few clicks.
  • Accessibility – having access to your time tracking software while outside of the office is invaluable in today’s work on the go society. A cloud-based solution is a must because it makes it easier for employees to clock out and clock in as long as they are near a tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop computer. Everyone permitted can access the system from anywhere, at any time, and it’s easy to see real-time updates.

Clearly, choosing the best time tracking software is more difficult than you initially anticipated. But if you follow our guidelines and use this checklist, you’ll find the best option for your business in no time flat.

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