3 Job Hunting Methods You Haven’t Tried

dreamstime_xs_32940184Being unemployed is a very unpleasant position, and failing to dig yourself out of it can be extremely frustrating. If you’ve been out of work for far too long, and your current job hunting isn’t getting you any good leads, then it may be time for a change. Here are a few good methods which you’ve probably never tried before.

One thing you may want to try is looking for good speaking gigs. You may be out of work right now, but I’m sure you’ll agree that you have some assets to offer. If you’ve got enough expertise in a certain area, then it’s certainly worth looking for some speaking opportunities to exhibit your value. Target events and seminars where potential employers are going to be, and get your foot in the door with a good covering letter. If there’s any recordings of your previous public speaking, then you should throw these in as well. Once you’ve got the gig, practice in front of a mirror until you’re sick of your own voice. Standing up and speaking confidently about your particular area is a lot more memorable than dropping your CV in somewhere.

Getting involved with some employment agencies could also be a great way to hone in on that dream job. Some people give these companies stick, thinking that they’ll be putting their careers in someone else’s hands. While it’s true that the agencies decide whether or not you’re put forward for a job, this is only one side of the coin. Agencies will have people who understand your background and expertise, and will be able to find positions that suit these factors best. They’ll also be able to pass on some invaluable knowledge about the current job market, and give you objective feedback on all the applications you make. You’ll also be saving a lot of time compared to doing all the job hunting yourself. Agencies aren’t for everyone, but they’re certainly a route you should consider.

Finally, look for opportunities to get out and mingle more. This could not only open some very enticing doors, but will also mitigate some of the stress of being unemployed! Get on social media, and look for local groups that might attract the kind of executives you want to network with. From cooking classes to book clubs to hiking groups, there are all kinds of circles it could be worth getting into. Just ensure you make friends at these meetings! With everyone you talk to, let them know about your work history and what you’re looking for next. I say let them know; try not to bore anyone to death! Obviously, mingling with people who you share a hobby with isn’t a sure-fire way to achieve your dream job. If you join a group, and you begin to realise that there’s no opportunities, try something else. Business networking events aren’t the only place to make useful contacts.

Try these three methods, and see if you make any headway. The job market may be tough, but sometimes a little change is all you need.

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