Are You Forgetting These Vital Responsibilities Of A Freelancer?

hAs a freelancer, you’re not going to have the support behind you to take care of a lot of the vital tasks your business relies on. That’s why we’re going to look at the ways you need to take more responsibility. The resources and help you can use to get on top of some of your business’s most important underlying functions.


When you’re working for someone else, there’s already an impetus to get working. You get paid to do it, after all. When you’re working on your, distraction and motivation come to the forefront. So how do you make sure you’re tackling your workflow as you should? For one, you can use project management tools and to-do lists. Set up the different tasks you have throughout the day and prioritise them. Then make sure you have the right kind of environment to tackle it in. A home office should help eliminate distraction and keep everything you need within reach.


Are you have trouble finding leads? If you’re a freelancer and you’re finding your jobs through freelancer listings, you’re doing it wrong. You want to be a business that people come to, not one amongst dozens of bidders working for tiny amounts. You have to set yourself up with a proper online presence. Create your own website. Start a blog where you can write in depth on the different aspects of your business, showing you have the expert knowledge you need. Put some of your business budget towards paid advertising to start getting real leads.


Everyone who starts a business needs to have a certain grasp on finances. There’s no avoiding that. But do you have the right approach to handling your finances? Are you scheduling your invoicing days and other financial tasks? Are you keeping adequate records of all the money going into and coming out of your business? Do you have a separate business account from your personal funds? Tax can also be one of the most confusing aspects of money for a new business owner. It’s worth considering services like tax advice for contractors. That way you ensure you’re not getting into any legal trouble, too.

Your life outside work

Being a freelancer brings with it a lot of responsibility, there’s no doubt about that. But you also need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Work-life balance matters. Regardless of how good it can feel to be gung-ho, you need personal time aside from your work time. Otherwise, you will burn out and it won’t be pretty. Set yourself real working hours that you spend away from your work desk. You might need to adjust them based on the timezone of your clients. But as long as you’re strict in giving yourself the right amount of free time, you’re doing fine.

There’s a lot of benefit to being your own boss, but also a lot of responsibility. Forgetting that will see your business shrinking before you have a chance to succeed. We hope the points above help you take control of all the different tasks you need to focus on.

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