You Have Sixty Seconds To Prove You Deserve A Job, Go!

dreamstime_xs_26781995Actually, that’s a little bit deceptive. You won’t get the chance to explain it, you’ll need to show it. On average, employers will take roughly sixty seconds to look at your CV to decide whether you get an interview. After that, you get another five minutes in the interview to convince them you’re right for the job. So, before they have even met you, they’re judging your potential as an employee. How can you convince them that you’re the right candidate?

Killer USP

You need something that makes you stand out from other candidates. You’re looking for that ever important USP, and it needs to be clear on your CV what that is. This could be anything from interesting work experience to a cool pastime. You’d be surprised by the incredible skills some people display on their CV.

Excellent References

A lot of career advisors are now telling people not to include references on the CV. They take up space and if they want references, the employer can ask you later. Okay, but if you have an impressive reference, you should include it. It will stand out on the page and ensure you get that interview because the employer will want to know more.

Social Media Magic

Finally, don’t forget about your online footprint. One of the ways employers will get to know you before the interview is by checking out your social media. Make sure anything embarrassing is set to private, and you may even want a completely separate set of business accounts. You can find more about protecting yourself from social media scrutiny in the infographic below.

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