5 tools to help streamline the HR process

dreamstime_xs_32940184Recruitment & talent acquisition is often thought to be one of the more arduous efforts of HR, which involves purchasing expensive job adverts, interviewing a myriad of candidates, performing background checks, hiring and then finally training the new staff. Needless to say, this essential process requires constant refinement to ensure resources are not squandered and operating budgets are met.

That is where digital tools come in. We can see evidence of these tools making a huge impact on our lives – from personal assistants (think Siri & Cortana) to scheduling our social media statuses in advance using tools like Hootsuite, technology is adapting by the day by finding new and innovative solutions to make our lives easier.

The same can indeed be said for human resources. There is a multitude of HR tools and programs out there to make even the most daunting task manageable, here we explore 5 useful PR tools.


In the golden age of digital technology, it makes sense for HR departments to confine archaic physical timesheets to the past and go with something a bit more accessible, useful and easy to configure… like Harvest.

Harvest is a cloud-based time tracker, enabling employers and HR to swiftly and accurately track employee workflow and time spent on tasks. You can export timesheets to report to management or drill down to find problem areas in workflow and track employee absence – improving resource allocation and refinement of workflow.

With Harvest advocated by thousands of companies; from small businesses to fortune 500 companies, there is clearly much ado with this nifty little time tracker.


HR departments, (especially the larger ones) often suffer poor inter-office task management, with tasks often missing the deadline, getting forgotten about or simply just not getting assigned to the correct employees. Enter Asana, the program to solve all your task-assigning woes & worries.

This web based, task management application enables HR to set tasks for anything, assign them to any employee and set definitive deadlines, meaning no more excuses for employees getting behind on workload.

With time management integration (yes, it can be linked up with Harvest), simple GUI and motivational animations (you may see a flying unicorn when a task is completed); this useful program can be very useful for HR.

Neocase HR power

If you’re looking for more of an ‘all in one’ HR solution, look no further than Neocase HR power. Described as an integrated, scalable shared service center for HR, this program offers many benefits to some classic HR processes including business process management, employee satisfaction and email management.

Featuring an integrated self-service portal & knowledge base, HR power boasts an impressive ability to improve employee satisfaction over 50%, productivity by over 40% and with all these savings, you can see a complete return on your investment within 9 months.


A large part of human resources involves recruitment, which in the past has been a laborious process with many trials and errors in finding the right candidates.

Jobr is a mobile app designed to minimise these issues by offering an alternative job listing platform, with their users applying for over 1 million job listings every month.

After realising that millennials aren’t using traditional job sites, and with millennials’ smartphone usage in the region of 24 hours per week, the developers saw a gap in the market and took it, resulting in Jobr.

So, if your HR company is in dire need of mobile-savvy millennials, Jobr is the way to go.


Do you like the sound of getting employed by a forward-thinking company? What about the sound of a free lunch? Well, fuse the two together and you’ve got Lunchcruit. An ingenious invention, a hopeful recruit searches the website to find employers offering free lunch, fills in an application for the company they’d like to have lunch with and the result is a zero-commitment, midday meal and a chance to get hired!

While this approach to recruitment is somewhat novel & unusual, it’s unlikely to be a stable or scalable recruitment method, they do offer 20 guaranteed leads under their featured subscription package. So go set a lunch date and find out for yourself!

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Eric has worked as a HR manager for several years and has got to know the process well. If you would like to get in touch with Eric or to request a guest post, you can contact him here.

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