How to Automate Your Hiring Process Using Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is one of the leading recruiting software platforms in today’s market-place. It has an array of enabling features that can remove much of the labour from the hiring process, through the automation of manual processes. In particular, Zoho Recruit has the ability to automate the following time consuming processes in whole or in part:

1.Advertising of jobs on multiple jobs boards and social media

2.Creating your careers website/microsite and advertise your jobs on it

2.Entering resume data into a database

3.Reviewing resumes and short-listing

5.Emailing candidates and keeping team members up to date

How? Let’s take a closer look at Zoho Recruit and see how it can help you to automate some or all of your hiring process.

1.Advertising of jobs on multiple jobs boards and social media. Zoho can automate!

Zoho Recruit lets you post on all the main jobs boards at the click of a button. The system can automatically post on the following jobs boards.

  • Dice – Technology job board with over 2 million visitors a month
  • Glassdoor
  • Juju
  • Careerone (One of Australia’s most trafficked websites.
  • (India’s no 1 job site)
  • CareerJet
  • Broadbean
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked-In

Simply turn the button to green, pay the bill and your job advert will be published.

2.Create your careers website/microsite and advertise your jobs on it. Zoho can automate!

You need technical know-how and effort to build a company careers website/microsite to advertise your jobs. (Company careers site are crucial as research shows that many job seekers like to apply for jobs at the employer’s own website/career site.) Zoho Recruit will, at the click of a button, create a careers page/microsite, listing all your open jobs so website visitors can view all the jobs in one location, create an account and apply.

3.Entering resume data into a database. Zoho can automate!

Data entry is boring and time-consuming and thankfully Zoho Recruit has consigned this task to history. With Zoho recruit, candidates can apply directly through your web portal or via email using a process known as CV parsing and Zoho will take that resume data and automatically enter into your candidate database. It couldn’t be easier.

4.Reviewing resumes and short-listing

Thanks to the CV parsing technology you’ll get an efficient report which has stripped away all the unnecessary information and which contains only the required candidate information. This will make the the resume reviewing process much faster and easier.

5.Collaboration and Communication

Recruiting teams can spend huge amounts of time forwarding email and sharing emails back and forth to other team members. Zoho Recruit simplifies this process by allowing you to create a resume inbox using their Zoho Mail add-in. You can send and receive all your emails from within this in-box, automating communication between team members as you have total visibility over each team member’s communication. You can set-up autoresponders to automate the acknowledgement process or send out group emails to rejected candidates, saving you considerable time and effort.

It also has a great event management feature which enables you to track all candidate interviews and which will send out reminders of any event you have in your schedule.

Of course, you’ll still have to do some work, because , Zoho Recruit is not looking to replace human recruiters, but it can hopefully automate much of the menial labour and allow recruiters to focus on the crucial task of finding and selecting top talent.

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