How to Recruit Top Talent for Your Business

dreamstime_xs_19632394The process of finding new employees for your company has changed dramatically over the years. No longer simply a case of posting a notice on a shop window, things have developed in a dramatic way, to the point that it’s now possible to search virtually anywhere on the globe for top talent.

For recruiters, it’s not only part of your job to find that talent, but to make sure that applicants feel that they actually want to be a part of your company. When employees feel like they are valued and taken care of, there’s so much more incentive for them to give back to the business.

To help your company find and retain the best talent here are a few key points.

Interview Technique and Etiquette

It is often claimed that interviews are as much a case of the candidate evaluating the company as it is the other way around. Perhaps it is even more so in the case of highly talented candidates within their field. A big risk in interviews is that it can end up feeling more like an interrogation than a conversation, which is particularly problematic when interviewing top talent. This is why interview techniques for recruiters and managers are so important. If your approach to interviewing is too focused on examining the interviewee, their skills, and what they can offer to your business, it can be all too easy to neglect the importance of presenting your organisation and pitching it effectively.

Use Recruiting Software

While it might seem tempting to post a new job offer online and then simply wait for the applications to start rolling in, it can limit your ability to attract the right candidates. Can you really be confident in your talent pipeline if you are just waiting for people to come to you? A more proactive approach is going to be required in order to find and hire top talent. To this end, recruiting software can be utilised to help you widen your search and find the best candidates, rather than limiting you to the small group of people who saw your job advertisement. Hello Talent is up-and-coming software worth looking into for this purpose, as it can pool together candidate information from sources all over the internet.

Promote Employee Benefits

If your company offers perks that others don’t, then be sure to shout about it. Whether it’s simple things like free drinks, free travel, pension options, or even company events, anything that gives your employees a better overall experience is time and money well spent. Don’t forget that the job market functions like most other markets – people are going to compare offers and only pursue opportunities that hold the most appeal to them, particularly if they are highly skilled. If you believe that your company has any advantage over competitors don’t be afraid to use it.

Provide Opportunities For Growth

Every new applicant should be made to feel that there is room for expansion within the company. Asking them about their goals and ambitions during an interview is a great way to help them feel they would be able to grow within the organisation. Rather than asking the typical “where do you see yourself in five years?” question, try framing it in terms of “How can we best use your skills for the good of the company and how can we develop you further?” Once people are hired it will be important to actually help them with their development. Far too often employees are left to feel like their opinions aren’t valued and that they are stuck in a rut, which in turn hurts motivation and increases turnover.

Clear Communication from Beginning to End

One of the worst things that can happen to a new hire is for them to discover that the job they will be doing is entirely different from the one that was presented to them during the hiring process. Being as up-front and honest as possible with the candidate during the entire procedure will ensure that they feel fully prepared and motivated for their work. Sometimes this will require you to disclose the less fun parts of a job, but this is far better than letting a candidate be surprised by it after joining.

Finding the best talent for your company doesn’t need to be a long process, it simply needs to be an efficient one. Getting things right in the beginning will help avoid potential problems and wasted resources; imagine going through all the procedure of hiring someone, only to find out they weren’t right for the job after all. With a combination of recruiting software, a clear-cut representation of your business’ aims and expectations, and great communication during the interview, you’re bound to find the best candidate for your company.

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