AssessTEAM: The Must-Have, Next Generation, Online Employee Evaluation Software Tool for Small Business

Last updated on January 24th, 2018 at 04:07 pm

assessteamThe whole world is moving towards big-data now; whether it’s big business or sports analysis, you won’t be taken seriously if your assertions aren’t backed up with Big Data. Being a more conservative profession, HR has lagged behind the technology and big data curve and has come under increasing pressure to become more data-orientated. CEOs are becoming impatient and studies show that 85% of business leaders believe that HR teams ‘fail to provide insightful analytics’. HR need to make more use of tools and technologies that not only automate processes, but which also provide powerful analytics to make an impact in the boardroom.

This is why I was drawn to the employee evaluation software tool called AssessTEAM, which I consider to be a next generation staff appraisal tool. Why?

Read below for 5 features that make AssessTEAM the Must-Have, Next Generation, Online Employee Evaluation Software Tool

1. Employee Profitability Analysis and Reporting and Digital Dashboard

Not only does it offer a world-class, time-saving employee evaluation system, but it comes with detailed employee profitability analysis. Not many employee evaluation tools offer this. Employee profitability statistics are what your CEO wants to hear from you, and AssessTEAM with it’s profitability-centered analysis model is uniquely positioned to take your HR department to the next level.

This profitability reporting, along with Business Intelligence reports and Cost Center analyses is all part of AssessTEAMs digital dashboard that enables you to carefully manage individual and team performance.

2. 360 Degree Feedback And Analysis

But, that’s not the only feature that make it next-generation. The system comes with in-built 360 degree feedback capability, which is vital, because let’s face it, in the world of matrix organizations, the traditional one-toone downward feedback is woefully lacking. AssessTEAM allows you to quickly assign multiple evaluators to multiple employees, enabling you to implement next generation and highly illuminating 360 degree evaluations with consummate ease.

3. Enhances Employee Engagement Through Continuous Feedback Functionality

Annual Appraisals should now be a thing of the past. Research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that employees need and want regular feedback, and don’t want to wait for the year-end employee evaluation process to hear about their performance.

Also, companies who have quarterly appraisals get 31% greater returns from their performance management process and even more if done monthly. Creating a monthly, weekly, daily or even continuous feedback culture could be laborious but is made very easy to do by AssessTEAM’S automation and enabling features in this area.

For example, you can set-up period evaluations at daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals for a particular employee (or selection of employees), and you can sign one or more evaluators. Then, HR can put their feet up and allow the system to notify, prompt and chase evaluators to complete staff evaluations. AssessTEAM enables and automates a continuous feedback culture that will increase the motivation and engagement levels of your staff.

4. Scalability

After importing your employees into the system, you can access a massive library of pre-prepared job-titles and a KPI database. This is all part of a very clever but simple deployment system that enables you to quickly assign multiple employees with a relevant job title, a set of KPIS, an evaluator and a review cycle, saving you masses of time.

5. Mobile Integration

One of the key next generation facilities of AssessTEAM is it’s mobile device functionality. It has been designed with the modern mobile user in mind and therefore works on smartphones tablets and anything in between.

Tomorrow’s Technology at Today’s Prices

What good to see about AssessTEAM is it’s humble pricing structure, making it a perfectly viable option for SMES. You can basic, but adequate functionality, including 360 degree reviews and real-time feedback, for £1 per employee per month, going up to £2 per employee per month for Premium functionality, which gives you timesheets and BI reports. And if you want access to key features such as: Profitability analysis you’ll need to go for the Enterprise package of £3 per person per month. But, it’s excellent value, compared to the marketplace.

I’d firmly recommend you trial AssessTEAM today.

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