6 Tips To Write a Killer Job Posting That Attracts Talent

dreamstime_xs_19839056There is so much competition for talent in the market-place that you can be sure that the typical applicant will review 20 or 30 similar jobs before applying for one. Yes, today’s candidates are constantly bombarded with targeted job postings via the numerous job alerts that have signed up to from social media and job sites. As well as that, Facebook and various other platforms will be pushing job postings right to their Facebook profile. If your job-posting is going to work for you, and stand out from the crowd – and it’s a big crowd — you’ll need to learn to write killer job postings that attract talent. Where possible us an Applicant Tracking System like Zoho Recruit which has multiple job posting functionality, meaning you can post your job to multiple boards at the click of a button and get maximum exposure.

Here’s 6 tips to help you write killer job posting that attract talent.

1. Keep It Short – About 300 words.

The good news here is that shorter job descriptions have shown to be best at attracting talent, which means that producing a killer job description doesn’t have to take a lot of time. According to this research paper from theladders.net titled, Shedding Light On The Job Search, job seekers spend around 50 seconds deciding whether to apply for a job. This means that you have about 300 words of reading time to impress, and so make it count. This 300 words of content should be highly promotional and contain all the most pertinent information. If you stretch your content out over 600 words, half the content will not be read, and will not influence your candidate and will be wasted.

2.Making your 300 words count with the inverted pyramid format of job descriptions.

Journalists only have a short amount of time to capture a reader’s attention and recruiters can learn a thing or two from them when writing job descriptions. By writing your precious 300 word job description in the inverted pyramid format, you’ll maximise the attractiveness of your job posting.

Inverted pyramid in comprehensive form

So, start by writing your job posting with a 30 word, ‘lead’ containing your hook and most attention grabbing info. This would of course contain the job-title, plus key decision-making info like location, any especially attractive perks — such as ‘flexible working’ –salary, and any particularly exciting aspect of the job, such as, ‘international travel’.

Then you’ll need to follow this with a 200 word ‘body’ which gives highly pertinent secondary information relating to the role. Expand on the role a little more, outlining the scope of the role, so the candidate can get a good feel for it. Include one or two key differentiators that set the role apart from the rest, which could be related to: type of work, culture, the company, technologies used, working process etc..

Finally, in the 70 word tail, just include background info, such as exact working hours, benefits, and anything that wasn’t important enough to fit in the first two sections.

3.Include an Image or Video in Your Advert. It might cost a little more – as not many jobs board offer this as standard – but where possible include an image or video in your job posting as research from software advice shows that 51% of job seekers would be more attracted to a job postings with a visual element (images or videos), than those without. Ideally, include images of company products or services as these are deemed to be most attractive.

4.Include Salary Details. Employers generally are reluctant to include salary details in a job description, but this strategy is really reducing your job ad attractiveness, because research from Career Builder shows that 72% of job seekers look first for salary information, so they know they aren’t wasting their time on an unsuitable opportunity. If candidates can’t find the salary quickly, they’ll often move on until they find an opportunity that displays the salary.

5.Write candidate centred job adverts. It can be tempting to go in all guns blazing with your job advert, demanding endless skills and high levels of commitment from your candidate. The problem is research shows that job adverts that are written in an overly demanding format, e.g. requirement heavy – actually turn off candidates. The most attractive job adverts are candidate centred and talk about how they can address the needs of candidates and support them. Generally candidates are looking for and will therefore be impressed and more likely to apply for adverts that offer advancement opportunities, a sense of purpose, a nurturing, developmental and engaging culture, and autonomy.

6.Use Bold To Highlight Key Skills and Information

There’s no doubt that candidates will be speed-reading your ad, scanning for relevant keywords, so make it easy for them to find those keywords in your job advert, by writing them in bold. You may need to pay a little extra to have this include in your posting, but it will make your ad more attractive to candidates.

For more information of writing killer job descriptions try, the Zoho Recruit Blog.

Get The Most Exposure Possible For Your Job Advert

But, even with the best job posting in the world, if you don’t put these in the right places so they are exposed to appropriate talent they won’t work.

You need to give your job advert the most exposure possible to find the right talent, and these days it’s unlikely you’ll fill a posting with just one advert. To access the whole market at any one time, you’ll want to get on a couple of mainstream boards and one or two niche boards. The most cost and time effective way to do this is by using an Applicant Tracking System like Zoho Recruit, which allows you to post on the most popular jobs boards with just one click.

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