Top 6 Mechanical Engineering Start-up Ideas

Last updated on November 26th, 2018 at 02:23 pm

Are you a mechanical engineer who is looking for a second income stream?

Or perhaps you are looking for an engineering business that you can start part-time while still working in your current job?

If so, here are 6 great business ideas for mechanical engineers.

1.Edge Folding Technology relates to the engineering process which enables decorative materials like textiles, carpets or leather to be folded over and fixed to back of s substrate component, using a welding or gluing process. This is an extremely niche area of mechanical engineering that not many people know about, which makes it an excellent area to start a mechanical engineering business because demand is high while supply of service providers and competition is low.

2.HVAC Installation and Repair

Why not set-up a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning business? Demand will be especially high in areas where there is plenty of commercial urban regeneration taking place. This business could help customer install and repair but you could also act as a specialist retailing, selling systems and parts.

3.Solar Panel Building and Installation

With research telling us that a third of the construction market could be green by 2018, starting an mechanical engineering business in the sustainable business segment would seem the prudent thing to do.

The global appetite for alternative energy is huge, yet this is short supply of these specialist services, meaning there is massive potential to sell solar panels and installation services into both the commercial and domestic markets


This is a very exciting area of engineering fusing together the disciplines of mechanical, electrical and control engineering.

Mechatronics is the discipline that underpins the robotics and automation engineering, and since robots and industrial automation are expected to replace nearly half of all jobs over the next two decades, you know this is an industry you want to be on the right side of, e.g. in the driver’s seat.

5.Household Gadgets.

James Dyson has made millions, making high performance, innovative and expertly engineere vacuum cleaners and you could do the same.

There is huge demand for innovative gadgets and mechanic tools in the home, such as: hoovers, blenders, coffee makers, robotic cleaning tools and do so. If can invent and think like an entrepreneur, this could be just the engineering business for you.


This is such an exciting area to be getting into, mainly because of the exponential growth being experienced on the mobile device market segment, a sector which is heavily reliant on cutting edge components, equipment and technologies. As a mechanical engineer you could not only design components but you could design your own communication device.

If you are struggling to find ideas for your mechanical engineering business idea, try this book, ‘The Idea in You, How To Find It Build It and Change Your Life. It’s written by Martin Amor and Alex Pellew and averages 4.5 out of 5 star  on Amazon from 114 reviews.

If you are in to mechanical engineering you’ve probably heard of Adrian Newey, the greatest formula one designer of his generation, in which case read his autobiography., ‘How to Build a Car’. This 5 star rated best-seller on Amazon is literally flying off the shelves.

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