Will Brexit Change Your Recruitment Profile?

dreamstime_xs_11220377The rollercoaster ride of Brexit leaves many of us scratching our heads when it comes to hiring new personnel. We know things may happen to prompt some of our best employees to move on. This could leave more vacancies than we can fill, and it could leave the business operations in jeopardy. Perhaps you’re worrying that the talent pool may shrink because of Brexit? Is your HR team ready to take all this on?

It’s possible that some industries may be more vulnerable than others. There is still no confirmation that EU nationals and other international workers will need to change their employment status. It is a worrying possibility to face, though. If your business recruits staff from the continent and beyond, you may need to think about your reach for talented workers in the future.

How can you be sure your business is in the spotlight for the most effective personnel in your industry? Business profiles that include a recruitment profile can be a helpful part of your PR and recruitment strategy ongoing. Talk about your location and the workplace culture. Be sure to detail the innovations and market leadership your company enjoys. Images should be professionally composed to highlight the very best parts of your business.

Think about what makes a happy employee abandon their current post for a new company. Perhaps they want to have an opportunity to make a name for themselves? Start entering your business and employees for awards. Recognition is a hugely motivating factor for any worker. It also gives you plenty more press releases each year!

There are some areas of recruitment, like technical recruitment, where job adverts aren’t as effective as you might want them to be. Instead, head-hunters approach candidates based on their reputation and experience they have. College leavers with honours and awards might also be the perfect kind of candidate for you. If you’re looking to find an agency to help you in the future, find out if they have good quality candidates on their books or within their network. Perhaps your department heads should be networking in a similar way for the same purpose?


Do you have a plan of action for dramatic political or economic change? Many UK companies are taking the time to fully analyse the outcome of a range of scenarios. Nobody can predict with certainty what may occur. Should you start considering your recruitment limitations going forward? Remember, you need to attract top talent to your business. It’s not all about the money on offer, but you may need to consider what extras could be offered and if you can extend your salary reach.

Many businesses are working hard to make the changes necessary. Trade agreements, supply chains, and retail prices could all be affected by Brexit. Not every company has fully considered the human costs or benefits that leaving Europe could offer. There is no way of accurately forecasting the future, so it’s best to explore several scenarios to ensure your business is ready for the change. Can you afford not to?

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