The First Business Expansion

dreamstime_xs_16463260Making that first business expansion can be a daunting task. However, you must remember that it is an infinitely good thing. You are growing, making a bigger business, and doing something most business never get to do. Most businesses fail in their first year so congratulations are in order first and foremost. Expansion can come in many ways, shapes and forms. From hiring more staff to changing your product catalogue and everything in between. There are many things you need to consider when expanding. Some you have probably given thought to and others you likely have not. Here are some tips to get you started, try out the ones pertinent to you and see if it makes the expansion any easier.

One of the first things you might be doing as a business owner is recruiting new staff members. If you are having so much work that you need help then hiring is a sure fire way to increase your business output. First because it frees up your time to deal with other elements of the business but also because another body means more work completed and more work taken on, increasing the business income. You must be careful when recruiting. On your first recruitment drive you should focus on people who are experienced and have the know how. If they don’t then they could hurt your business because you will need to invest great amounts of time recruiting them. Check out reputable recruitment sites like Pure Staff. You need to recruit people who can bring something to your business at this stage so ensure you find out what that is during the interview. Ask someone to help you conduct the interview too for added chances of success. Two people pick up more than just the one.


When recruiting people you may need to expand your premises. This is especially the case if you have been working out of your home. Finding the premises will take time and dedication. Don’t miss out on anything. It is a huge step. You may be renting office space, if that is the case find something cheap for your first premises. Ensure it has good internet, parking and is close to public transport links and you can’t go far wrong. Make sure you check the contract out too so you aren’t getting yourself into anything that is too long term.

You may be expanding your product catalogue. If this is the case you need to be able to know in which way to expand. What is selling well? Get more of that stuff and limit the items that don’t sell. You can work all of this out by digging into your inventory reports and such like. Hire a good developer to add the new products to your site. You want to make sure it is done with ease and without any glitches that stop sales. You may also want to hire a freelance writer to write down the descriptions of the new items. It can make a difference to the amount of sales you get.

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