What To Do If You Want To Become A Great Salesperson

dreamstime_xs_19632394In every company, it’s important to have someone who can make sales, who can communicate well with your clients and who can make sure that plenty of money is being brought into the business. If that’s your role then congratulations – you’re a crucial cog in the working of your business. If you’d like to get better at that job, read on for some tips.

Learn To Become A Great Communicator

Firstly, you need to learn how to communicate. What a lot of people don’t realise about communication is that it’s actually much more important to be a good listener than a good speaker – make sure that you really take in what people are saying, that you don’t talk over them, and that you give them your full attention. Not only will that make them feel good about themselves, but it’s also important for you to take in their views about your company and your product – they’re important! Make sure that you keep friendly and professional at the same time – your clients aren’t your friends but being familiar with the sorts of people that they are is always useful so you know how to talk to them in the future and what their priorities are.

Understand Your Product

It’s important that you don’t underestimate your customers – if you’re not being honest and if you’re making things up as you go along, people will figure it out. That means that it’s important to fully understand what your product is, what it does and how, and what its benefits are. No matter what you’re selling, from beauty products like cleanser and moisturisers to oil products like Fuelbox to memberships for a gym, you need to know about not only your own product but also your competitors, so that you can counter any arguments and explain why yours is better. Remember that knowledge is always power.

Start To Network Effectively

A little black book of contacts is an important thing to have in any job, but it’s particularly important in sales when you’re looking for leads. Make sure that you go to as many networking events as you can, and have plenty of business cards at the ready when you’re there, along with looking smart and presentable. Make sure that you can explain your business and your product in one sentence – have you ever heard of an elevator pitch? It’s important to have one ready so that it just trips off your tongue when someone asks you what you do.

Set Yourself Targets

A lot of salespeople work using commission, meaning that they have a huge financial motivator to make as many sales as possible. However, it’s also important to set yourself some targets if your company doesn’t set them on your behalf. Targets should always be reachable so that you don’t get depressed and unhappy if you don’t reach them, but they should always be challenging so that you always end up pushing yourself as hard as possible. If you aren’t target motivated it’s important to find something else that makes you feel passionate.

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