Is Your Business At The Forefront Of The Tech World?

dreamstime_xs_20095916Being at the forefront of trends is a brilliant way to carve out a place as an industry leader. Whatever area your business operates in, technology is likely to play a big part in it. If your competitors can offer more up to date services than you, you’ll start to fall behind. By keeping on top of the latest trends and adopting them before your rivals, you can ensure that you stay out in front. Staying abreast of all the new developments is easier said than done. Things move so rapidly and often something that you think is going to be an important trend can be dead in the water a few months later. Adopting technology that doesn’t last is a big waste of resources and it will leave you playing catch up. So, you need to catch trends before they happen and make sure that you are implementing the right technologies. If you are at a loss for ideas, here are a few simple ways that you can stay informed about the next big thing in tech.

Read News

There are thousands of websites out there that are packed full of tech news. The people that are writing for these sites often work in the industry so their opinions can be trusted. By looking at a wide range of sites and newspapers, you can see which developments are causing a buzz across the board. If something only gets one or two mentions, then it isn’t likely to last. One of the best ways to read lots of different sources without spending all day on it is to use an app like Flipboard. It collects news from hundreds of sources and presents the top stories in a simple to use app.

Social Media

Social media is a good way to gauge people’s opinions about things. If you follow plenty of people that are in the know, their tweets should give you a good indication of how the tech world is looking. For example, if a new piece of software has lots of excited tweets about it, it’s likely to be something significant.
Implement Quickly

Once you’ve identified the next big thing, you need to put it into practice before any of your rivals. Being the first one to offer a new service will draw a lot of customers in. So, make sure that you have a good IT team that can get things up and running without too many hiccups. However, you need to make sure that you don’t rush things. There’s no point in implementing software if it doesn’t work properly. Make sure that you use JIRA test case management to run diagnostics on any new software that you use.

Watch Trend Setters
A lot of the tech trends are often set by the same people, so keep an eye on them especially. Use their social media to see what kinds of things they are working on, this should give a good indication of the general direction of the tech world as a whole.

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