When is the Right Time to Refurbish an Office?

dreamstime_xs_24880301If not done properly, an office can feel like a workroom in which employees feel like they are in a cage. For such offices, the happiest time for the employees is when they are leaving for home at the end of the day. In turn, this can negatively affect productivity and workflow. When the office doesn’t provide an environment in which workers love to work and spend time in, they may not be motivated enough to get you the kind of results you would like or expect them to deliver. A well-organised office is, as a result, not just good to look at but also good for the morale and working standard a business’s employees. When your office is not inspiring your workers, or has other problems, you have two options: to move to another office, or refurbish an existing one. Moving offices can be disruptive, expensive and exhausting. Unless there is need to significantly increase office space due to the organisation’s growth, refurbishing an existing office can be the better option of the two. It is much more cost-effective than moving to a new office space. When it comes to office refurbishment, many people agree in principle the crucial nature of carrying it out. However, few know exactly when this should be done. Here are some tips on when is best to carry out an office refurbishment.

Minimum Disruption

An important consideration in the timing of office refurbishment is the level of disruption the work is likely to cause to the everyday running of the business. A well-timed office refurbishment will cause minimum disruption, if any, to the normal schedule of business in the office. To this end it is important that you choose an office refurbishment company that has enough experience in carrying out the work where a ‘business as usual’ ethos is considered a primary goal. Such companies will know the measures needed to take, to ensure minimum disruption, such as only disconnecting HVAC and other power services outside normal office hours.

During or Outside Office Hours?

The extent and nature of the work needed will determine whether the refurbishment should be undertaken within or outside of office hours. If the refurbishment work is extensive and directly affects the working space of the employees, then evening or weekend work would be exceedingly preferable to all within the business. During such times, there is essentially zero standard office work being done. Therefore, it is an ideal plan, since it doesn’t have too much of a negative effect on the normal working practices of the company.

Time of the Year

There is no preferred time of the year for effectively carrying out office refurbishments. If you don’t know exactly when refurbishment is required, you could seek advice from interior office refurbishment companies. More often, however, business and office needs will force your hand and office refurbishment will be necessary. Such needs include upgrading or modernisation of facilities, government legislation and the need for further space as the business or organisation expands. Interior office refurbishment companies will, for example, advise that you carry out office refurbishments at a time when the productivity of your employees is reduced. It has been proven that when an office environment is not motivational, morale and output is detrimentally effected. Changing the outlook of the office by utilising refurbishment has been found to have a highly positive effect on employee productivity.

As the breakdown above shows, there are many benefits to having your company office refurbished. If you feel the time is right for such refurbishment, contact a competent and experienced office refurbishment company for quality work that gives you value for money and a return on your investment.

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