Best ways to improve your CS GO performance

If you’re the kind of CS GO player that like to be on top of all the latest CSGO updates then you probably also want to know the best ways in which you can become a better player. As the best players will be able to tell you, being a top CS GO player has a lot to do with how you prepare before even entering a game. It’s true that you have to practice a lot if your want to get better but you also need to make sure that the virtual environment around your game is set up to suit your style. Keep reading this article to find out how you can tweak your settings to that you can dish out maximum efficiency once you’re in a match.

Make sure your computer is ready to go

Computers allow us to play CS GO but that’s not their primary role or why they’ve been created. As a result, your computer might have all the right settings from CS GO by default. But that’s OK because you can easily set them up so that they suit you in game. There are plenty of guides that you can look up to see what the best machine settings are for CS GO specifically. Most of them have to do with the resolution you use and stuff like that.

Make sure your game is ready to go

Once you’re done with your computer settings you should move on to the game settings. The game also has its own settings and they might not be the best for your computer put of the box. Check your game settings as there are a ton of things you can tweak to make the game experience more enjoyable and easier to follow.

Get the right mouse

It’s true that you can game with even the most basic of mice, but the quality is not going to be the same. What that means is that you should aim to get a good mouse if you’re serious about being great CS GO players. Different mice have different sensitivities and that means that you can play around with them and see which one is best for you. Different people enjoy different sensitivities so a mouse can’t be a one size fits all.

Configure your key bindings

You can configure your keys on your keyboard to trigger specific actions. This is great as you can set each key to do exactly what you want it to and thus play a lot easier. The default controls aren’t hard but there are probably a lot of things you want to change already since each player has their own style. This makes it so each player would benefit more from their own key bindings. These are unique for each one and there’s no limit to how much you can customize them.

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