Overcoming Problems When Your Business Sells Products

Every business has its own unique challenges, but when you sell and ship physical products, there are particular concerns that need to be considered. Businesses that sell digital items or online services get away with it when it comes to this issue- but packaging, storing and shipping can all pose problems along the way. Here are some of the things you will need to think about.


Whether your products are sold in a box, plastic or a stand up pouch, you need to find the very best way of shipping them which is both practical and cost effective. Packing materials like bubble wrap and styrofoam beads will help to protect from bumps and knocks and protect breakables. If you ship larger items or send things in bulk a palette wrapper will keep everything secure and make for easy shipping. If you don’t have the tools or facilities to package everything on site, employing a fulfillment company and outsourcing your shipping needs could be the way to go. Then a professional company (who specializes in packing items properly) can run this side of the business.

Postage and Shipping

Businesses that sell relatively small or light items will be able to send through the postal service. This is beneficial since customers can choose to pay a little extra for fast-tracked, signed for or next day delivery giving a more tailored service. Plus you can arrange for parcel pick ups right from your business for a fee, so you’re not going down to the post office with large volumes of things to send. One way to appeal to customers is to ship for free (especially over a certain amount) but make sure you price your items accordingly to allow for this.

Delivery Company

If you sell larger items, a courier delivery company would be your best option. Many of these companies now allow customers to track their parcel in real time on a map, plus they give up to date information about when it will be delivered which is very convenient. It costs a little more but it something customers value, since they’re not waiting in all day for their product If you sell very expensive products something like this would be worthwhile since it gives customers peace of mind for exactly where their package is. Otherwise, you could go with a more basic service. This would just record the signature of the customer when it was received.

Shipping Overseas

If you sell large items and send them overseas, one of your main concerns is ensuring you’re not shipping anything that’s banned. Things like aerosols and certain chemicals in paints and nail polishes are banned. Be sure to check, you don’t want to create a business and then realize you’re limited to selling nationally only where you can’t ship globally. Shipping is something not to overlook, especially when you plan on shipping across the world. The cost and logistics of moving products from one place to another can take a lot of planning.

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