Is Working From Home Right For You?

The idea of working from home seems to be something of a romanticized ideal way of working in many people’s minds, but the reality is often anything but glamorous for those of us who are doing it or have done it.

We know that working from home is, although in many ways different from working in an office, and definitely has its perks, is also in many other ways quite similar to working in an office – the main reason being that you do actually still have to do work despite what lots of people seem to believe.

The truth is: working from home just isn’t suited to everyone, and that’s not a bad thing – it’s the same as most things in life, so in this post, we’re going to give you some things to consider so that you can determine if working from home is right for you or not.

No matter what you decide is the right option for you and your life, if you’re currently considering a career change or just want to speak to a professional about your options, then it’s a good idea to find a recruitment or career specialist in your area, such as Travis Perkins Careers.

Can you avoid distractions?

Office environments, although not completely free from distractions are designed in such a way that the impact of distraction is minimal. When working from home, then you really need to cultivate an attitude of discipline because the distractions are going to be a lot more obvious. Everything from the DHL guy to the laundry, and possibly even your family will be fighting for your attention, but you need to stay focused on the fact that you’re working from home and not just home.

Can you stick to good boundaries?

Boundaries are something that many of us struggle with because we have this crazy idea that it means we’re horrible or bad people, but when you work from home, unless you want to lose your job for bad performance, then you’re going to need to let people know in a matter-of-fact way that you need to be treated as though you’re actually away at an office all day. That means no popping round for random coffees in the middle of the day and no babysitting just because you’re in the house.

Can you manage a good work/life balance?

One of the biggest struggles that people end up having when working from home is that they don’t know how to properly switch off between work and home life, and it’s easy to see why this is far more difficult to do when working from home than when working in an outside office. One way to overcome this issue is by setting yourself a clear work schedule just as you would if you were going to an office, so that means when it comes to 5pm, everything gets closed down and you go “home” for the evening. This is also made easier if you have a specific working space within your home that’s preferably located somewhere away from the main living or sleeping area.

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