Top 15 Reasons That Recruiters Reject Candidates, (Study)

Last updated on March 17th, 2014 at 03:39 pm

I was fortunate enough to find a study by the Employment Ontario Service which surveyed the personnel offices of 153 companies in order to find out the most common reasons that employers were rejecting applicants.

This is therefore a study into Canadian work-places but, I thought this information would be useful for job seekers all over the world to help them identify possible flaws in their own job application or interview techniques in order they they can be put right. What is surprising about many of the reasons is that they are very easy to fix.

The Top 15 reasons that recruiters reject candidates were:

  1. Poor personal appearance or hygiene
  2. Limp or lifeless handshakes, lack of confidence, poise or nervousness
  3. Over-aggressive, conceited, ‘know it all’ attitude
  4. Inability to express one self/and or failure to look interviewer in the eye
  5. No purpose or goals for vocation and lack of life planning
  6. Lack of interest, enthusiasm and humour, showing passivity or indifference
  7. Too much emphasis on money, only interested in the best salary offered
  8. Unwilling to start at the bottom; expects too much to soon.
  9. Makes excuses or is critical of past employers
  10. Lack of knowledge
  11. Late to interview without good reason
  12. Showing a degree of indecision in answering questions
  13. No interest or knowledge of the company or industry and fails to ask questions about the job.
  14. Lack of tact or maturity
  15. May be a name dropper, stressing who they know in the community.

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